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“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest.”

Music feeds the soul and touches the heart of everyone.Sometimes it talks to us,pulls at our hearts strings in the most unusual ways, nurturing, comforting, commiserating, exhilarating, soothing and strengthening us. Life is indeed cold and meaningless without it. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School organised “Symphony”Inter House Group Song Competition on Sept 7, 2018 for the third successive year with the intention to nurture musical talent amongst the students. In order to give opportunities to new talent this year, the new singers were encouraged to participate.


There were two categories and themes each, for both Indian and Western Music.

Primary Section:    Indian Group Song – Folk Songs

Western Group Song– Gospel Songs

Junior Section:      Indian Group Song –Sufi Songs

Western Group Song– Pop Songs from 2012-2018


First the Primary students performed. They took everyone by surprise with their singing. The criteria of the judgement was voice quality and tone, pronunciation, timing, stage presence and overall impact.

In the primary section under the Indian category the songs were ‘Bedu Pako Baramasa’ , ‘ Meethe ras se bhari’, ‘pankhida pankhida’ and ‘bata mere yaar sudama re’ and under the category of western  songs the songs were ‘Make me a channel’, ‘Forever God is Faithful’, ‘Ten thousand Reasons’ and ‘Change My Heart’.


The results are as follows:

Primary Section:

Rank               Indian group                                                Western Group

I                        Godavari House                                                   Ganga House

II                      Krishna House                                                      Narmada House

III                    Narmada House                                                    Krishna House

IV                     Ganga House                                                         Godavari House


The Primary Group Song Competition was followed by the Junior Group Song Competition. In this category the Indian group singers sang Sufithe songs like ‘Bismilaah’, ‘”Allah hoo’, “Lagi bina rain na jane koi’ and ‘Ni aaj koi jogiya re’. On the other hand the Western group singers performed on the songs ‘Scars to you beautiful’, ‘Fight Song’, ‘Who says’ and ‘Pompeii’. The young talented children were very enthusiastic about their presentation and their unusual excitement was quite evident.

The results of the juniors group were as follows:

Junior Section:                   

Rank               Indian group                                                Western Group

I                         Godavari House                                                   Narmada House

II                       Ganga House                                                         Ganga House

III                     Krishna House                                                       Godavari House

IV                     Narmada House                                                     Krishna House


Principal Mrs. Poonam Kochitty appreciated the students and gave some valuable suggestions to the music teachers. Moreover, she even acknowledged and encouraged he school prefects, the student media team and the anchors of the show for their discipline, management and special contribution.