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An activity “Super Chef” was conducted on 10th August’18 for the Pre-Primary Children. The children were taught fireless cooking by teaching them to make chaat. For presenting chaat activity a Sevachi Chaat Cart was made and a teacher dressed up like a Chaat wala. This was street food straight from Mumbai ‘Sewa Puri.’  The children were involved in the preparations. The Pre-Nursery children mixed curd and sugar learning a new word ‘mixing’, the Nursery children were engaged in peeling of boiled potatoes and the K.G. children mashed the potatoes learning the words boiling, mashing, chopping. They were shown chopping of onion and coriander leaves.

Finally on the fourth counter the children were called for assembling the ingredients and garnishing with coriander and seva. The mouth-watering chaat was relished by all.