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“J.K. Rowling and characters of Harry Potter Series” was the theme of the morning Assembly conducted by the students of Seth AnandramJaipuria School on 30th August’18.

The anchoring was done by ManyaKadian of VIII-B. Shivika of Class VIII-B played the role of J.K.Rowling, Ananya of Class VII-A as Harry Potter, Devanshi Mohan of VIII-A acted as Professor Snape, DevAkshat Mohan as Draco Malfoy. Dobby (the Elf)was enacted by Ishwitof Class IV-A and LunaLovegood by Nitya of VII-A. The power point presentation was by Devansh Agarwal of IX-A. The Children spoke well and brought the characters alive. It was well appreciated by the students and teachers.