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Class presentations are a great way to connect with parents, give them a chance to see their child up close and see every child of the class perform.

The students of class VB wowed their parents with a spectacular Class Presentation held on 6th September. The show began with a graceful prayer dance performance to honour the first ‘Guru’ i.e, parents. Dreams are integral aspect of an individual’s life. This was convincingly conveyed through a ppt highlighting famous failures who achieved great success in life because their parents or a great teacher had faith in them. This was followed by a series of events that kept the audience glued. The captivating fashion show where children spoke about their dreams and what they wanted to become was applauded by the parents. The Class Presentation concluded with an energizing song ‘Kholo Kholo Darwaze’ eloquently sung by the choir. The highlight of the show was the enthusiastic and confident involvement of the entire class to make the Presentation a success. The children anchored the program and spoke well.

The Principal Mrs.Poonam Kochitty praised and congratulated the students for their phenomenal performance. She appreciated the parents for sparing their time for the children because this is what they would remember in future. She also urged the parents to spend time talking and listening to their children.

She apprised the parents of the vision of the school, the strides our school has made in technology integration, the Microsoft certification and the Progate (Japanese technology) classes being run after school.