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Art is an activity which is very close to my heart. Since childhood, I used to play with colors. When I joined Jaipuria as a boarder I saw some of my classmates paintings and sketches and that’s how I developed a keen interest in Art. I began painting even after school hours. I made a Madhubani painting and created it by using geometrical patterns. I enhanced the quality of the painting and tried to make it special. I used different shades while creating this piece of art. Since, I am from Bihar and it is quite famous for Madhubani Art, I was inspired to create this painting.

Painting helps me to relax, unwind & makes me feel better whenever something goes wrong. Through art, I can express my feelings. My art teacher, Vasundhra Ma’am has helped me by introducing the color scheme. My teacher also told me how to shade with acrylic paint. She helped me a lot to fulfill my desire to be creative.

Divyanshu Gupta



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