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Skypethon – DAY 2


Microsoft Global Learning Connection


Day2, 6th November,19

The second day started with an interesting session on Code at school with Mr. Guillermo Medrano from Spain. The students of class 9 were briefed by Guillermo Medrano, a well-known developer of games and applications through Scratch. Students asked many questions to Guillermo Medrano which he answered in detail. Guillermo Medrano shared many applications and games which he has developed and scratch codes behind those applications.

Next Session on Bullying and social networks held on 6th November with the “Speak Up” English Language School, Serbia, Europe. The session was about the sorts of bullying that occur using Social networks. Understand what measures we can take to help reduce the amount of bullying that takes place and protect ourselves. Mirjana Milović had shared a flipgrid link where students of grade VIII shared some real-life examples of Cyber Bullying that happens all round the world. Students also spoke about some preventions of cyber bullying and cyber stalking. They sent a message to stop bullying and make this world a better place to live by showing the poster of “STOP BULLYING”.

The next Session ‘Sing around the world’ gave the students an opportunity to interact with their counterparts in Hungary and share their musical heritage. It was a session where the participants had to share folk songs. The aim was to generate a folk song collection from all round the world. Our students shared Rajasthani folk “Mithi Ras se Bharyo Re” song with them. The Primary School, Hungary sang one song and played an instrument flute. It was indeed a great cultural exchange through music.

There was another Skype Session with Ms Sonia Wadhwa- Teacher of The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal with our children of class IV. She introduced with the Buzz words AR, VR and Merge Cube and explained about them. She gave various examples of day to day life for better understanding. In Lenscart, people can check online which glasses suits their face. Similarly she gave the examples of  Peperfry and Paint 3D. Finally, she introduced us with Merge Cube. We can move and rotate the cube in our hand to see things from different angles. The session was very informative.

The last session of the day was “Reading Exchange” with Stormy Daniels, El Paso, United States. Using FlipGrid tool students of grade 2 read and shared two passages “The Magic Pool” and “Charlie and the Frog”. The enthusiasm of the students was overwhelming and appreciated by the resource person Ms. Daniel.

The end of the two days Skype-a-Thon gave the students an opportunity to break through the walls of the classroom and interact with their peers all over the world. It gave the students, a chance to share their stories and at the same time spark empathy and compassion in students around the world.

Skypethon – DAY 1


Microsoft Global Learning Connection


Day1, 5th November,19

The biggest Microsoft Global Learning Event of the year Skypethon was held on November 5 and 6. This year the theme was ‘Open Hearts. Open Minds’.Through this non-stop 48-hour event, this year Microsoft enabled students, educators and experts to connect from around the world using a variety of tools-Skype, Teams and Flip grid.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow has a vision to leverage technology to bring classrooms out of the physical boundaries and provide students with a holistic approach across the globe.

Our first Skype Session held on 5th November was a Mystery Skype with Kuwait. The session began with each side posing twenty questions to each other to guess the location of the other’s country. The answers to the questions had to be “yes” or “no” answers. Some of the questions asked by the visiting school were whether we were located in the southern hemisphere or if we were north of the equator? Once it was established that the visiting school was from Kuwait and they too had guessed that we were from India they shared a congratulation Note. The session further continued by asking the question related to their school, their studies, time duration they have in their school, type of weather etc. The session concluded with a happy note by singing a song of their country.

Our second Skype Session was “Interesting facts about cities, towns, places where you live”. It was with a Russian school at Yaroslavl. Yoroslavl an ancient town was set up in 1012 by prince Yaroslav. It has a monastry Spaso Preobrazhensky, Volkov theatre which was founded in 1750. The city celebrates International Music and folk festival ‘Maslenitsa’, a sign of their cultural richness. Red cabbage grown there is an important component in their food. Penalty and Mamuka are important dishes.The famous astronaut Valentina Tereshkova is from Yaroslavl.

Our children shared a lot of information with them about historical and present day Lucknow. Pictures and names of Nawabs, monuments, eating joints, food, famous parks,cricket stadium and Lucknow as a nodal point in revolt of 1857 was shared.

Most joyful moment was when the facilitator at the end said that she wanted to visit our city.

Third Session on Greetings from Portugal was held on November 5th with the students of class 3. The students interacted with Miss Rosa, a special educator from Portugal, and informed her about the different symbols of our country India. They too were briefed about the beautiful wall paintings by the especially abled children and the infrastructure of the school. We could not meet the students from Portugal as they were too shy to face the camera. The session was very interactive and informative at both the ends. We bid ADIEU with a promise of conducting more such sessions in future and exchanged greetings of our countries.

The Fourth session we had was with Sarah Giles, an Author, Writer and entrepreneur, Washington, USA on Creating Your Own “ME” Map. During this session students of grade 2 watched a video. In the video students got to know about the main character Max McConk who shared his experience and told them what makes him unique from others.

Later students were given the activity sheet in which they were asked to make their own Me Map. This session helped the children to know and understand their internal and external traits. Children were overwhelmed after doing this wonderful session.

The children now eagerly awaiting day-2 Skypethon!

Career Guidance


New Age Career Options

“Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will eventually become your profession”.

On 8th November , 2019 a Career Counselling session was held by  The Times Of India group at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School , Lucknow, for the students of grade X. The resource persons were Mr. Abhishek Singh , Vice President CLAT Possible and Mr. Nagendra.

 Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future growth and development of the students. In today’s environment of multiple options, knowing about choices available helps students in their decision-making process. The session commenced with the school Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty  reiterating the importance of knowing one’s potential and subject of interest before making a decision.

Mr. Abhishek shared new age career options for Science, Commerce and Humanities streams. He discussed about careers in Corporate Law, Fashion Technology, Armed Forces, Mass Communication and Hotel Management. He recalled that 15 years back there were just few options in front of students as there was lack of awareness. Back then Engineering and Medical were two most sought after career choices.  He further stated about the change in selection trend. Nowadays students have plethora of options with Commerce and Humanities too.

Mr. Abhishek discussed about colleges, admission procedures, eligibility criteria, subject choices, aptitude test and placements. He added that students must have  a plan to fall back upon too. It was an eye-opening session for the students. He answered all the queries with patience. He winded up the session with an inspiring quote , “ If you are passionate about something, you will get the opportunity”.


Shubhangi Singh & Ananya Tripathi


Class Presentation – III-A


Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.’ On 6th November’19, the students of Class III A put up a captivating class presentation.

The event kick started with a welcome note by Samriddh and Headmistress Ms. Monika Taneja ma’am followed by the Lamp Lighting for seeking God’s Blessings.

The children then presented a soulful prayer “God Will Make A Way” followed by welcome song “Welcome One And All” that set the stage for the event. An English Elocution “Shaking Hands” was about a question why people shake their hands when they meet?

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” Sharanya spoke about the vision of the school. One of the USPs of this school is the assemblies which are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the primary section. The significance of these assemblies and the values learnt from these were told by Diksha to the parents along with a video showing glimpses of the assemblies.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body“. Shreyash and Tanisha showed some eye and hand movements which they have learnt in the dance class. “A healthy mind breeds a healthy body.” Shreyash spoke about the importance of fitness along with a video showing glimpses of physical education classes.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Sanskriti played on the keyboard and sang a bhajan – Achyutam Keshavam,that was melodious. Then Rangesh spoke about hobby clubs and why he loves them. A video showed glimpses of activities conducted in the various hobby clubs.

Thereafter Sharanya spoke about the awards and achievements of the school. Next performance was a poem – “Mere Pyare Mummy Papa“. It was really heart touching.

Education is the key to success. It acts as a catalyst and positivity in our daily life. The children of III-A put up a street play on the theme IMPACT OF EDUCATION. It was the best part of the event which highlighted the importance of education in one’s life.

Some people don’t believe in HEROES but they haven’t met My Grandpa! Samriddh shared a very heart-warming and inspiring story of his grandfather who was an Olympic player.

The Grand Finale ended with mesmerising dance performance followed by the ‘Vote of Thanks’ by Nirwan.

In the end, Principal Mrs. Poonam Kochitty addressed the parents giving them valuable parenting tips on communication, spending time with the kids, being a role model and focusing on values, nurturing life skills, developing reading habits and being punctual.

When the event got over the parents were asked to give the feedback which was heart-warming.

TEDx Heritage Girls School


We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow constantly try to expose our students to various platforms and competitions that empower and enthuse our students to excel in various fields. It is for the first time that our student,Manya Kadian, of class 9 auditioned for a genre of TED Talk conducted this month by the Heritage Girls School, Udaipur called ‘TEDx Heritage Girls School’. The talk was based on the theme “I for Ideas’’. The students had to present their ideas in any field of their choice. The idea had to be innovative, effective and practical.

Manya spoke about her idea of ‘Incorporating Fantasy Fiction in The Curriculum Leads to a Generation of More Evolved Learners’. Manya secured the seventh place amongst many speakers in the preliminary round of this national level competition.


Workshop on Khelo India Fitness Assessment


Workshop on Khelo India Fitness Assessment in Schools- Version 2.0

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow has always been an active participant of the Central Board of Secondary Education workshops. Mr Yogesh the Physical Education Teacher recently attended the Khelo India Fitness Assessment in Schools-V.0 Workshop at Lucknow Public Collegiate, Sharda Nagar under the initiative of Central Board of Secondary Education. In the workshop it was instructed how fitness assessment of students should be taken. Fitness is generally divided into specific fitness categories and each can be tested and trained individually. The fitness test administration is to be taken in schools using Khelo India Fitness Assessment App and viewing the School Dashboard on School Interface. The test should be taken for all age groups on different fitness parameters.

Diwali Celebration with Boarders


One of the most significant festivals in Indian Culture,Diwali, the festival of lights was celebrated in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on 23rd October 19 with the boarders in open to sky area in the school premise.

The celebration began with the Aarti after which the children enjoyed a special DJ night organized for them. Diyas were lit and the sweets were distributed amongst the children followed by a special dinner.

The function ended on a happy note under the able guidance of the teacher incharges – Mr. Pankaj Rathore, Mr. Nawaid Beg, Mr. Sachin Gurung, Mr. Yogesh Chander Pandey & Mr. Aditya Kumar Mishra.

Interhouse Rangoli Making Competition


Rangoli Making has been an essential part of Diwali celebrations in our country. Although Diwali is a festival of lights, the Rangoli colours play a big role in bringing out the festive spirit during these celebrations. Therefore, to promote this traditional artform amongst our students, an Interhouse Rangoli making competition was conducted in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on 24th of October 2019. One student each, from classes 6th,7th ,8th 9th and 10th was selected from each house and they had to make a Rangoli based on the theme of Diwali, in a time duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The children had pre-planned their patterns and had come prepared with all the materials, they required for making them.Some selected colours were provided to the teams just before the competition and the challenge was to creatively incorporate the given colours in their design which added a slight twist to the competition and encouraged the students to think in an innovative manner. The criteria for judgement was the selection of the design, neatness, clarity, colour combination and creativity or new ideas implemented by the students to make their design more presentable.

The Narmada house won this competition with a good margin.They scored the highest marks in overall presentation and neatness. They had made Peacock motifs and their artistic use of vibrant colours and diyas to enhance their design was quite appreciated by the judges.

The Godawari house came second, followed by the Krishna house and then the Ganga house. All the teams put in their best efforts and after the competition the school lobby was sparkling with such beautiful use of colours and designs which added to the festive galore. Organizing such events helps students to remain in close touch with their culture. This Rangoli making competition motivated the students to perform and outshine in their creative skills and most important, work as a team to bring laurels to their house.



“Strive for progress, not for perfection.”No one can be perfect all the time but progress is the only thing one can strive for. On 23rd October’19, the students of Class III B put up an enthralling class presentation.

Class presentations are a great way to connect with parents, give them a chance to see their child up close and see every child of the class perform.The students of class lllB wowed their parents with spectacular performances. From the word go Jhanvi, Shambhavi and Avni set the bar high with their impeccable diction, confidence &elan. The Lamp Lighting ceremony was accompanied with the recital of the shlok – “Saraswati Mahabhage, Vidya Kamlochne. Vidyaparupa Vishalakshmi, Vidya Dehinamosutte.

The children then presented a soulful prayer “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace” followed by a WELCOME SONG performed by the whole class. A video showed glimpses of their journey in class lll which the parents appreciated a lot. Shivansh Sharma then thanked the parents for their love and care.

A Hindi Elocution “Suit Pehan Ker Hathi Dada Chorahe Per Aae”showed a conversation between a squirrel and an elephant.The next performance was a poem presented by Kushagra Mishra “Outside My Window” in which he narrated how his window is a world full of endless possibilities.

Thereafter an English poem “Pimple Problem” was flawlessly recited by the kids.

One of the USPs of our school is the assemblies which are held on every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the primary section. The importance of these assemblies and the values learnt from these were told by Avni and Jhanvi to the parents along with a video showing glimpses of the assemblies.

कागजकीकश्तीथी , पानीकाकिनाराथा l खेलनेकीमस्तीथीयहदिलआवाराथा l

कहांआगएइससमझदारीकेदलदलमें ,वहनादानबचपनभीकितनाप्याराथा I

One of the happiest moment of one’s life is childhood. But when we try to recall our childhood memories we realize that our parents gave a lot of time to their children and the games we played were very different. As technology revolutionized our lives, both parents and children began spending more time on gadgets like smart phones and laptops, consequently interactions were impacted. The children of III B put up a street play with a strong message to parents “We need your presence not your presents.”

Next the children spoke about the school vision and the ABC’s of character building. A dance performed on the song “Ye To Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai” along with a video of the happy moments with their parents made many parents teary eyed.

PLAN TO WIN, PREPARE TO WIN AND EXPECT TO WIN” is a mantra at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow. Kushagra informed the parents of the various achievements of our school. The children then talked about the hobby clubs, house system, sports, self-awareness and excursion programs that they take part in. Before the concluding programsvideos were shown to the parents showcasing the academic and co-curricular activities along with the achievements.

A heart touching, song by Kushagra Mishra to the tune of “Papa kehte hai badanaam karega” was played on the guitar. Finally, the last event of the day was a mesmerising Arabian dance performance. The event came to an end with the ‘Vote of Thanks’by Aaditya and Ojas.

In the end, Principal Mrs. Poonam Kochitty addressed the parents giving them valuable parenting tips on communication, spending time with the kids, being a role model and focusing on values, nurturing life skills and strengthening their spiritual connect and developing reading habits.

When the event got over the parents were asked to give the feedback which was heartwarming.

Dessert for Diwali (Super chef activity)


Diwali is incomplete without any desserts ,so the  Pre-Primary wing of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School were engaged in  a fireless cooking activity of making desserts using coconut.Children of grade KG learnt to make “Chocolate Munch” , and Nursery prepared small “Laddoos” by mixing coconut powder and milkmaid. They  garnished it with crushed almonds.Preschoolers are notoriously picky eaters,and bringing them together to do some cooking is herculean task so to add some excitement to their taste buds,they made “Coconut Mouse”.The children were delighted to make the mouse tail with the use of maggi,eyes with cloves and ears with almonds. They learnt new words like sprinkle, chop, garnish, whisk,dough,crunchy,sweet,mixing,pouring,licking.It was a heart touching moment to see all the children making the dish with their tiny little hands and enjoying every bit of it . At the end it was visible that they couldn’t wait to taste their delicious creation.The diwali celebration for the Pre-Primary concluded with diya painting which was given as a take away .