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Comfest 2018 International School Award
Excursion To Orchha And Jhansi

The students of Classes XI-XII, pursuing Humanities went for a two day excursion to Orchha and Jhansi on 2-3 November.

They visited the Orchha Palace which lodges a number of colossal palaces and temples, the ravishing ‘chatries’ or cenotaphs on the bank of Betwa River where relics of 14 Bundela rulers lay buried. The light and sound show wherein the history of Orchha was told and impeccable light and sound effects were applied to accentuate its essence. The Fort of Jhansi was visited on the next day where new stories about Rani Laxmibai mingled with the old ones were told to the students. Thus owing to the amount of historical and geographical significance these two places majestically hold, they were perfect for gaining knowledge. The awe-inspiring architecture of these places comprising robust monuments, exquisite carvings and an architectural planning nonpareil, took everyone by surprise








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