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A Teachers’ Training Programme was conducted in SAJS Kanpur by Mrs. Charu Bajaj from Skills and You Learning (Redefined). She took a session for the Primary teachers on the 28th of May and addressed the Pre-primary and the Senior group on the 29th of May, 2018

Mrs. Bajaj enlightened us with certain golden rules while conducting a classroom session. The golden rules were like active participation of students, alertness creativity and many more. She also told us that the teachers shold never speak in a negative way to the students as it gives them ideas to do things which they are not supposed to do.

She taught us experiential learning which was invented by Mr. Davis Colip which has the following steps:-

Experience –

Reflect –

Analyse –


(What did you see?, How was it?) (Put experience together)

She also gave us two case studies.

In the case study a topic was given to two different teachers and they taught the same chapter in different manner. Mrs. Bajaj discussed both the methods and asked us to choose the better one and give our view points.

She later talked about Bloom’s Taxonomy and its three domains –

  • Cognitive
  • Affective
  • Psychomotor

She also explained to us the six levels of Cognitive domain with several classroom activities.

She also told us about the student handbook and advised us that we should encourage our children to prepare such handbooks

Finally she showed us a sample of Lesson Planner, which was really helpful.
To sum up, the whole workshop was very fruitful and there was lots that we learnt from it. We look forward to more such workshops.

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