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Music and Dance Workshop

Two workshops were conducted by the Music & Dance Department on 28 and 29 May, 2018.

First Workshop (28 May, 2018)

GUEST- Aacharya Umakant Pathak Ji (All India Radio Artist Since 1962)

PERFORMANCE – Flute Recital

LECTURE- Lecture on The Importance of Laya and Taal in Music and 22 Shrutis in Music and how to develop interest in Music by making Learning a joyful experience.

He also gave a wonderful performance on a flute by presenting Raga Yaman. He has written a book “Flute Science” and has demonstrated 440 Ragas on the internet. He is a proud recipient of various awards like SURMANI, SURSINGAR etc.

Second Workshop (29 May, 2018)

ARTIST’S NAME- Gauri Sanjay Pathak

She has an ALANKAR in Music, VISHARAD in CLASSICAL music (Vocal) Teaching Experience of 24 Years and is currently working in Sir Padampat Singhania Education Center, Kanpur. She performed Geet Govind, Nritya Natika, Megh Dutam, Dashawataar, Durga.

She informed us about the intricacies involved in Kathak Dance and Rhythm and performed Kathak Dance and Gat Bhaav.

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