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Comfest 2018 International School Award
Swadeshi Saptah

The students of Pre-Primary celebrated the free spirit of Indian Independence with great fervour and joy on 14th Aug, 2018.

A special assembly was held where Patriotic songs were sung and students moved to the rhythm of the melody by their enactments. To symbolize unity and uniformity all the kids were dressed in white.

The activities throughout the Patriotic week included the use of tri-colours like card making, sorting of coloured pom – poms , wrist bands for boys and tic- tac pins for girls, flag making with popsicles .The students came to know about the importance and significance of tri-colours -Saffron stands for Courage, White stands for Peace and Green stands for Prosperity .The items which were prepared throughout the week by kids were given as takeaway.




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