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The New Journey


Starting of a fresh new session, marked by a new class, new beginnings and a new teacher, is quite exciting for students as well as their parents. With the package of fresh hopes and refreshments, there are extracts of new syllabi and curriculum too. Obviously not every new thing is very difficult to approach. A new session is a journey, and it is rightly stated, “Every great journey, begins with the first step.’’ Well I don’t say that, Johnnie Walker does, but nevermind. People say that the ultimate result (which obviously has no end) matters and not the course of the journey, but I say, that first step is the most important. You daringly take the first step only when you draw the picture on the road map of your journey is your mind, whether clear or vague. If vague then improvisation is the key and clear then determination is the asset. There is no success in the journey, but only opportunities, that too some are transparent, some translucent and most others opaque. It is only our thought- process which initiates our ability to conquer an opportunity. There is abundance of failure in the world and a slice is yours and mine too, but learn with each step and take each step with your learning. Always remember, amidst your aspirations and ambitions, there is only one person and that is ‘you yourself’. In life, always love your own self, your actions and your thoughts and always have time for things that you love. With this changing weather and of course, the class, let ‘something’ inside you change. So this IPL season, buck up, and let a tournament go inside you also, bat hard and bowl fast and let free the fielders to do their work. Rest assured in stakes of time, you’ll be victorious.

All the best for the new session!

Shourya Singh

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Kanpur

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