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An Environment Friendly Educational Trip For Staff Of Jaipuria


“The language of Nature is the eternal language of Creation. It is the musical instrument of nature: it replicates the rhythm inherent in life itself. If we listen carefully we will be able to trace within it the murmurs of eternity where the spirit of liberation, peace and beauty lurk, it reminds us of our bond with the world …. If we can accept this music of the wild within us , we can perceive the great music of oneness………”

Rabindranath Tagore

These musical lines have inspired us to plan a Nature Camp for Teachers and Office staff to The Kukrail Forest and Ghariyal Conservation Centre (Lucknow) on 10th April 2017. Kukrail Picnic Spot is a quite natural forest and sanctuary, at a distance of about 9 kms away from the centre of the city. The Ghariyal and Crocodile Rehabilitation Center was developed during the year 1978 and was generously funded by the Uttar Pradesh forest department. The need for conservation of crocodiles was felt owing to the fast decreasing number of Ghariyals in India at that time. This Crocodile Sanctuary and breeding centre is perhaps one of the most renowned centers in India.

It was amazing to view different ponds, sections where ghariyals, crocodiles are raised from eggs to adult size. It was a real fun as the staff actively participated in different dares. In Brave Hearts, we located different sites with particular type of vegetation and geographical features with the help of route map in forest. The view of medicinal garden reminded us our own campus garden. The whole event was refreshing, exciting as well as educational because it was a plastic free trip.

Excellence of our Students in CSE organized Competitions


A team of 10 students escorted by Mr. Arun Verma participated in a competition on “Save Dolphin- Save Ganges” organized by Centre for Environment Education at Zoological Park, Kanpur on 13th April 2017. It was an environment awareness program with a theme of protection of aquatic National Animal fresh water Dolphin in Holy River Ganges and Clean Ganga. The students did very well and bagged a few prizes:

Painting competition:

  • 1st Prize – Vatsal Agarwal [ 7th C]
  • 3rd Prize – Iba Iqbal [ 8th B]

Quiz competition:

  • 3rd Prize – Suryansh Agarwa [9th C], Parth Bhatia [9th D]

Rangoli competition:

  • 2nd Prize – Anushka Shukla- [8th A]

Spring Fest


“True courage is like a kite, contrary winds raise it higher.”

Flying kite is a popular sport in our country. From the auspicious festival of Makar Sakranti till the colourful Holi, one sees the sky dotted with kites of all shapes and hues. Keeping with this tradition, our school celebrated the Spring Fest on 15th Feb,2017. Children were dressed in floral prints. Our beautiful girls wore tiaras and the boys wore garlands made of marigold flowers. They were taken out to the garden for kite flying and they also danced to the rhythm of music.

Teachers were also dressed in floral prints. They also enjoyed themselves and danced with the children.

Orientation Programme 2017-18


At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, we aim for a perfect balance of complimentary factors; ancient and modern, traditional and innovative. We all want to give our children the best start in life.

Nursery Orientation Programme 2017-18 is one such start for the parents and students. It was a measure taken by school to give a brief introduction of the school and its rules and regulation. We extended a warm welcome to the parents and the kids as they became a part of the Jaipuria Family. The introductory session for the parents was conducted by our respected Headmistress Ma’am where she also introduced the class teachers of the respective classes. This was followed by an Interactive Session between the parents and the class teachers in their respective classes.

Graduation Ceremony


“Graduation Ceremony, is a conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of another.”

On 21st March, 2017, We celebrated the Graduation Day and complimented the children of Class Prep for their hardwork and efforts made by them in the academic session 2016-17. We started the show with a message. The greatest wealth is health, by presenting a rhythmic yoga. Also , kids said their “two little words”, that is ‘Thank You’ to their teachers in the form of a vibrant song. It showed their enormous love and affection towards their teachers and mentors.

“Sometimes, you will never know the true value of moment and it becomes a memory, so it’s the time to celebrate”-with this feeling in our mind, we celebrated the success of the day by presenting a colourful holi dance.

The kids were felicitated and blessed by our Principal, the Headmaster (Senior School) and the Headmistress (Junior School).

Overall, it was a phenomenal show presented by Class Nursery and Class Prep.

Floral flow Competition


“If you want to change the world……
Pick up your pen and write……..”
Your handwriting is a mirror of your soul.
Beautiful handwriting defines a person’s personality.
On 24th January,2017 Tuesday, we had organized an English handwriting competition-‘FLORAL FLOW WRITING.’
All the kids from class Nursery and Prep actively participated in this. This handwriting competition was the best teaching aid for the kids to present themselves through their handwriting.

The winners for the same are as follows:-

Class Winners
Nur. A Ist – Srinika
IInd – Alia
IIIrd – Arisha
Nur. B Ist – Pratyush
IInd- Krishav Garg
IIIrd- Anushreshta
Nur. C Ist – Dhani
IInd- Jazil
IIIrd- Shahzeb
Prep. A Ist – Pankhuri Agarwal
IInd- Saarah Khan
IIIrd- Vivaan Chandak
Prep. B Ist – Umaima
IInd- Aaliya
IIIrd- Aryan Singh
Prep. C Ist – Unnati Kesarwani
IInd- Anoushka
Upadhaya IIIrd- Hafsa Parveen

Community Helpers


‘God helps those

Who help themselves.’

A very true saying which tells us the importance of community helpers in our surroundings. Being a part of our society these people exhibit a social behavior too.

Keeping this motive in our minds, our kids decided to say a big ‘thank you’ to the helpers of our society and we celebrated ‘Helpers’ Day’ on 22nd Feb.,17. There was a ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ organized by the students of class Nursery. It was an intersection competition in which the kids disguised themselves as doctors to save the ill, some as nurses to assist the doctors, some as Police cop to catch the thieves , some as gardeners to help the plants to grow, some as green grocer, pilots, farmers and many more that we see in our surrounding. Also, the students of class Prep took the initiative to appreciate the efforts of our helpers by singing a motivating and thanking song for them.
Overall, It was a flawless gesture by our kids as they spread a message in the society.


Butterfly Day


Beauty, vibrant colours and ceaseless action……

Well, that’s what you see when you spot a butterfly. However, if you see beyond this external charm, you will also see hope, celebrations and transformation. So, we celebrated Valentine’s Day as a Butterfly Day on 14th Feb, 2017.

Children enjoyed making butterflies they also expressed their gratitude towards their parents through loving and affectionate words. They decorated the butterflies with lollipops and handed this token of love to their parents.

Basant Panchami 2017


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A two days’ teachers’ training programme organized by HO at SAJS Kanpur


0n 23rd and 24th December,2016,Seth Anandran Jaipuria School Kanpur, organized an intensive two days TLDP workshop for Jaipuria Group of Schools ,whose objective was effective classroom transaction leading to Teacher empowerment by enhancing teaching – learning skills.

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