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Founder’s Day Report


The 42nd Founders Day was celebrated in the portals of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on Nov. 19th 2016. The evening began with lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, the Chief Guest Dr. Ajit Prasad, Director IIM lucknow, our Chairman, Shri Shishir Jaipuria, Mrs. Manju Rana, Director Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad, Principal Dr. Sundar Kumar Gandikota, Mr. Yash Jaipuria and Mr. Partho Kar. This was followed by the Vandana ‘Namo Natraj’.

The theme of the pre- primary was “THE CRUSADERS”. As per the theme, there were symbols of some superheroes which are really popular among kids like Power Puff Girls, Spiderman etc. These exhibits were created out of the activities performed by our creative kids of the pre-primary throughout the year. These include eggshells painting, wool pasting, paper tearing, pencil shaving, paper quelling activities and clay modeling. Footprints and handprints on ceramic was an attraction. The webs, life size figure of Ninja Turtle, a spooky wind chime, lanterns were displayed. This section of the exhibition was much enjoyed by the kids as they got to learn some more patterns of creativity.

Towards, the end of the cultural evening, Vote of thanks was extended by the Junior School, Mrs. Madhushree Bhaumik. The program ended on a high note with a message of Unity in Diversity.

Founder’s Day 2016


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Diwali Celebration 2016


Diwali brings lights, colours of rangoli and happiness. We recently celebrated the Diwali week with a lot of gusto and excitement. Our little jaipurians participated in different activities that took place round the week. Painting diyas was surely their favourite. A wonderful Diwali scene was coloured which depicted sweets, rangoli, fireworks and above all the joy of the festival. Diyas were also decorated by them which were given as Diwali presents. We promoted the idea of celebrating Diwali without creating pollution. A movie on Lord Ganesha was loved by all. Kids were super excited and enthusiastic about the festival of lights.

Splash Pool Party


After the ravishing and awe-inspiring grandparents day it was now time to relax and rejuvenate. The school management gifted the pre-primary with a wonderful splash pool and to inaugurate the same we organized a super fun splash pool party on three consecutive days involving both nursery and prep. It was a sign of relief in the scorching summers and a hectic schedule after a grand show. It proved to be a treat to the eyes to witness our little damsels and boys in beautiful swimsuits in splashing and sprinkling water. Kids later enjoyed their special tiffin’s. It was indeed a day well spent.

Report on Gujarat Trip


School trip to Gujarat took place from 8th October to 16th October, 2016 for the students of class 6th 7th and 8th.

Overwhelmed about the idea of spending time with friends and the fun of school trips, we were all on time to board our bus. We left at about 10 o clock in the night in two separate A.C. buses for boys and girls. To be able to enjoy and keep our spirits high for the rest of the trip, we took a sound sleep during the overnight bus journey. On reaching Delhi, we freshened up at a local hotel and left for the railway station. Before reaching the station, we spent time, seeing the magnificent red fort, extravagant India Gate and the Raj Ghat.

Singing songs and playing games all night, when we reached Ahmedabad, we didn’t realize. We spent the day at leisure in our hotel swimming and enjoying with friends. In the evening, we left for sightseeing and local shopping. We visited Sabarmati Ashram, the one of the biggest tourist attraction of Ahmedabad. This ashram situated on the banks of magnificent Sabarmati River was the dwelling place of Mahatama Gandhi for more than 12 years. The peaceful aura and calm environment of the ashram left a positive impact on our minds and filled us with a feeling of patriotism. It was from this very place that Mahatama Gandhi led the Dandi March in 1930.

Post this, we visited the largest open air cinema in Asia. The first sight of the gargantuan screen and its seating capacity of 6000 people, took us by awe.

In the morning, we departed for Junagadh, and reached at about 1 o clock in the afternoon. Post lunch, we spent time in the resort, relaxing and playing in the lawns.

The next morning, we visited the Uperkot fort. Due to narrow roads leading to the fort, we travelled in autos which was a completely different and memorable experience for us. The guide briefed us about the course of events that took place in the fort. He even told us that this fort was ince unsuccessfully besieged for twelve long years. Returning back to the bus, we left for Somnath.

After having our lunch, we visited the holy temple, Somnath. Its delicately carved structure and the idol of Lord Shiva, made us wonder about the architectural progress of our ancestors. I now realized why it is called the eternal shrine. Legend has it that this temple was once completely covered in gold, but the Islamic kings in their raids, stripped of the gold from its walls.

Next, we proceeded to Diu, by bus. The view of the sea from our hotel rooms cannot be expressed in words. In the morning, we visited the historical Diu fort, which had seen many a war. Its strategically planned structure to counter enemy attacks made us wonder about the heights of intelligence our ancestors had.

Next, we visited the Saint Paul’s Church which is a prominent church in Diu. The calmness of the compound and the paintings depicting religious morals, made us understand the depths of true religion. We even spent time relaxing at the beach. Wetting our legs and clicking photos of the Sun setting on the horizon, we enjoyed for a long time at the beach. Post dinner, we boarded our coach back to Ahmedabad.

Freshening up in our hotel, early morning we left for water park. Enjoying, the thrill seeking waterslides and splashing around in the pools, we never realized, how time passed. We had our lunch in the park itself and boarded our coaches. We went to a traditional Gujarati shopping complex, where we shopped for ourselves as well as our near and dear ones. Next morning, after Breakfast, we left for the auto world, which was the last stop of our trip. It consisted of vintage cars from the first ever automobile to the most luxurious of cars in the world.

We left with a heavy heart, knowing that the end of trip was drawing closer, but at the same time we were filled with joy after seeing that our nation has its own set of attractions. In the end it was an extremely knowledgeable and memorable trip for all.

Comfest Report 2016


This year, the Jaipuria Computer Club (JCC) celebrates the 16th anniversary of their annual Techno-Cultural festival, COMFEST which will be held from 20th to 23rd of October. With elements of literary and art, the event is one of the most awaited school festivals. This year, the JCC has taken Comfest to the next level with new and unique events, intensified level of competition and an Entertainment Evening featuring the top performers of the country.

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Workshop For Science Teachers Of Middle School


A Workshop for Science teachers of Middle School was held on 6th August, 2016. Many experiments were conducted and the teachers shared their teaching methods with each other.

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Science Workshop For Students Of Class VII


An experimental initiative is being taken to foster hands on interactive mechanism in learning for Middle School students. The main objective is to encourage independent thinking and a sense of self-esteem while focusing on the curriculum learning process.

As a part of this program a Science Workshop was organized for students of Class VII on Sunday, 21st August, 2016 in the School assembly hall. The entire workshop was based on Pascal’s law. The students were first explained the Law and they were then divided into groups of eight students. They worked together sharing and implementing their ideas into form. There was hundred percent participation of the whole class.

The students made various models based on the law. They made lift, London Bridge, football etc. The material required for the same was provided by the school. Our teachers guided them in accomplishing their task. In the end of the workshop each group displayed their model and summarized their experience enthusiastically.

The main objective of the workshop was:

  • To use hands-on engagement to reinforce fundamental scientific principles that are commonly taught at the elementary and middle school level.
  • Turn ordinary Science activities into unforgettable learning experiences.
  • Develop inquiry-based activities that strengthen critical thinking skills and challenge students to ask the important “Why?” questions.
  • To teach and reinforce fundamental building blocks of your Science curriculum.
  • Discover ways to use attention-grabbing Science experiments as daily writing prompts.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the real Science behind all the fun experiments.
  • Use the ‘Project based and Play way method’ to teach the scientific laws.
  • Learn how to implement creative science teaching without spending a lot of money.
  • To promote team work and inculcate leadership qualities.
  • To engage the whole body in the process of thinking and not just the abstract reasoning faculty.

Students going through such constructive exercises achieve a superior understanding and long term recall in the topic in question.It was indeed a very enriching experience not only for the students but also the teachers.


Seminar On Issues Of Adolescence



Guest Speaker : Dr. Proff. Yashwant Rao (Head of the Deptt. Of Pediatrics)

It has been found that the students in the age group of 12 to 18 years face large number of delicate issues which they don’t want to discuss such as mood alterations, loneliness, aggressiveness, short tempered, peer group pressure, self respect, appearance associated with many physical, physiological or cultural expressions. To address these issues Biology Department invited Dr. Proff. Yashwant Rao Head of the Deptt. Of Pediatrics. along with Dr. Atul Garg H.O.D. Microbiology during ongoing Biology and EVS Week to talk to the students of class 8th on 24th August. Their thought promoting lecture was a great awareness and a help to all of us.

The root cause behind all these issues i. e. Hormones and their roles were discussed in detail. Do’s and don’ts, their importance in the life of a child were also told. Friendly behavior of the parents, liberty with discipline, spending quality time with the children, listening them with patience,all can contribute to tackle the issues.

The view of a student reflects the success of the workshop:
We were told that major pubertal and biological changes include changes to the height, weight and muscle mass as well as major changes in brain structure and organization. Cognitive advances encompass both increases in knowledge and in the ability to think abstractly and to reason more effectively. The study of adolescent development often involves collaborations.

The entire session was very interactive and informative. We all were enlightened with information which we all felt hesitant to ask from our elders. It was a good effort made by our school and our parents really appreciated. We all desire that such programs should be held time and again so that the various myths and truths regarding different aspects can be solved in a friendly way.

Workshop For Science Teachers Of Middle School


A workshop for science teachers of Middle School was held on 6th August, 2016.

Many experiments were conducted and the teachers shared their teaching methods with each other. The main objective of the workshop was:

  • To enable teachers to successfully find, develop and apply the innovative tools and multidisciplinary teaching techniques that will help them create attractive science lessons and thus foster the interest of their students in science topics.
  • To introduce and apply innovative teaching methodologies.
  • To lead teachers to involve students in finding their own problems, testing ideas, receiving feedback, and working collaboratively with other students.
  • To give teachers the opportunity to interact and work with each other to develop new learning opportunities for their students.

The workshop enabled the teachers in making teaching easier and more interesting for the students. It was a good learning experience and very informative.

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