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Investiture Ceremony 2017

“I rose, I walked…
I walked with my head held high.
Not that I was arrogant
Not that I felt high 
but… because…  from responsibilities 
I would never say.
I rose, I walked…
I walked with my head held high
Not that I was conceited 
or solo I wanted to fly
but… because … my team and my school
we want to touch 
the clouds the stars and the sky”.

22nd July 2017- The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic year. The young, spirited and zealous set of students were all set to take up the responsibilities entrusted to them. As they donned the mantle of leadership and responsibility they pledged to serve their institution whole heartedly, with a strong sense of commitment and dedication.
The solemn occasion commenced with an inspirational rendition by the school choir.

The school Principal, Mrs. Shikha Banerjee passed on the mantle of leadership to the school Head Boy, Riddhiraj Singh Sehgal , Mrs. Madhushree Bhaumik (Headmistress) to the Head Girl, Samriddhi Kapoor, Mr. Mahesh Mishra (Academic Head) to the associate Head Boy Tushar Singh and to the Associate Head Girl Amisha Bhatia.

The House Masters and House Mistresses along with their team of teachers bestowed the responsibility on their respective office bearers by pinning up their badges.

The newly elected Head Boy, Riddhiraj Singh Sehgal administered the oath to the student council. A highly inspirational and spell-binding speech delivered by our respected Principal Ma’am further fuelled and ignited the spirits of the student council members and motivated them to take up the charge and fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities.

The ceremony came to a closure with a vote of thanks extended by our Headmistress Ma’am, Mrs. Madhushree Bhaumik. With the new deserving students’ cabinet all geared up to take up new challenges and responsibilities. We wish them all the best in their endeavours and hope to see the school reaching greater heights in the times to come.

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