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An Environment Friendly Educational Trip For Staff Of Jaipuria

“The language of Nature is the eternal language of Creation. It is the musical instrument of nature: it replicates the rhythm inherent in life itself. If we listen carefully we will be able to trace within it the murmurs of eternity where the spirit of liberation, peace and beauty lurk, it reminds us of our bond with the world …. If we can accept this music of the wild within us , we can perceive the great music of oneness………”

Rabindranath Tagore

These musical lines have inspired us to plan a Nature Camp for Teachers and Office staff to The Kukrail Forest and Ghariyal Conservation Centre (Lucknow) on 10th April 2017. Kukrail Picnic Spot is a quite natural forest and sanctuary, at a distance of about 9 kms away from the centre of the city. The Ghariyal and Crocodile Rehabilitation Center was developed during the year 1978 and was generously funded by the Uttar Pradesh forest department. The need for conservation of crocodiles was felt owing to the fast decreasing number of Ghariyals in India at that time. This Crocodile Sanctuary and breeding centre is perhaps one of the most renowned centers in India.

It was amazing to view different ponds, sections where ghariyals, crocodiles are raised from eggs to adult size. It was a real fun as the staff actively participated in different dares. In Brave Hearts, we located different sites with particular type of vegetation and geographical features with the help of route map in forest. The view of medicinal garden reminded us our own campus garden. The whole event was refreshing, exciting as well as educational because it was a plastic free trip.

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