Research Papers ( Faculty)

Faculty Publications
Dr. Daviender Narang 8 Research Papers published
Dr. Neelu Tiwari 2 Books, 13 Papers Published / Presented
Ms. Shikha Singh 21 research papers presented
Dr. Ashwani Varshney 6 research papers presented
Ms. Bhavna Malik 6 research papers presented
Ms. Najaf Shan Papers :12 Co-edited Books : 4
Dr. Ajay Tripathi Research papers/ Articles: 15 Co-edited Books: 4
Ms. Aarti Mahajan 3 papers
Ms. Teena Chaudhary 12 papers presented/published in Journals & Conferences
Ms. Sunita Choudhary 6 papers
Mr. Anubhav Varma 2 papers
Ms. Monica Srivastava 13 papers
Ms. Ruby Bhatia 3 papers
Dr. Mamta Kumari 6 research papers published, 10 research papers presented in national seminars and conferences
Dr. Prachee Mishra 2 Research papers, 2 Conference, Proceedings, 1 Case Study, 1 Book, Review etc.
Dr. Charu Yadav 9 papers presented/published in journals and conferences
Dr.I. B. Singh 2 Research Papers published