Panel Discussion On New Challenging Prospects in Indian Banking

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad has organized a panel discussion on New Challenging Prospects in Indian Banking on 13th April 2018 at campus. In this discussion, five industry experts expressed their views on the topic. Keynote address was given by Mr. Manabesh Hota, Sr. Vice President – National Head – Trade & Supply Chain Finance, IndusInd Bank. Mr. Amit Dua, Vice President, Yes Bank, Mr. Rajat Thapar, VP- Wealth Management, JM Financials Ltd., Mr. Amit Taank, Asst. Vice President, Axis Bank, Mr. Harvinder Singh, Head- Internal controls Retail & Wealth Operations India, Standard Chartered Bank were esteemed guests in the panel to discuss on the topic.

The panel discussion focused on the challenges and prospects Indian banking. Seven groups of MBA first year students participated in the panel discussion on various dimensions of Banking Industry like Corruption & Fraud Prevention, Risk Management in Banks, Digital Banking, Consolidation of Nationalized Banks, Strategies for Revamping and Mounting NPAs in Banking Sector, Impact of Demonetization on Banks Performance in India and Roles & Challenges for Indian Banks. The Indian banking structure witness major reforms and with unprecedented incident like demonetization the Indian banks are facing with innovative service and products which are acting as a catalyst for the development of Indian economy. The discussion went around paints on risk management in banks, how the banks transforming from traditional system to modern banking. The experts viewed NPA, not as mounting but as late recognition and also advices to be positive about NPA’s. The new aspects of banking were discussed and in the current scenario it is the most lucrative industry for new aspirants. The students focused on the economic aspects of digitalization, demonetization and risk management by the banks. Prof.(Dr) Daviender Narang, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad also expressed his views on banking reforms and how banking sector has evolved after liberalization of the economy. He motivated the students to seek job in the banking sector as there is a lot of career growth and prospects in the banking industry. The whole session was a discussion on the aspects of banking system, consolidation of banks, demonetization and other challenges faced by banking industry. The major outcome of the discussion was the insight which the participants got on the changing banking scenario and the future prospects. At the end of the discussion prize and certificates were distributed to winners and participants.

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