Focused Group Discussion Regarding Mercato’17

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Mercato: the Marketing Haat is one of the most prestigious and a flagship event at JIM Indirapuram. It has been successfully running for over 5 years consecutively with immense rigor and excitement. In order to gain better insights into the execution pattern and customer response to this event, the Institute organized a Focused Group Discussion on July 18 at the campus. A total of 8 participants were identified and invited for this activity including the major sponsors, customers, organizers and associated members.  The guest list included Ms Simpi Singh– Tata Global Beverages (one of the major sponsors in Mercato 2017), Mr Dinesh Thakur– Fitness Centre Gym (the most popular stall during the event), Ms Yamini– Sai Sanrachna Foundation (an NGO participating in the event), Mr Akshay Mittal (ex- student of JIM, Indirapuram and one of the participants in Mercato 2017). Also present at the discussion were Mr Anshul Chaklani, Mr Sahil Malik, Mr Anurag Sharma and Ms Ruby Bhatia who played a pivotal role in providing valuable inputs as key customers at the main event.


The discussion started at around 11:00 am and lasted for about an hour and a half. The session was opened by Dr Monika Attri, Dean (Academics) by giving an introduction to the objectives of the activity and the ground rules to be followed during the discussion. Active participation from all group members was witnessed as they discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Mercato’17, customer expectations met/ unmet, stalls, customer profile, ambience, timings, entry & parking facilities, entertainment factor, security and suggestions for new categories (products/ services) to be considered for the upcoming Mercato’18. At the end, the session was summarized by Ms Abhilasha Upadhyaya.