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What Makes Life Completes

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“The only way to know how rich you are is to count how many things you have, that money can’t buy”.

Gaur Satya Gopal  Das

On 22nd Sep 2018, Saturday a Ted Talk event was organised by Jaipuria institute of management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. It has become a every Saturday ritual for us to witness such talks, which are inspirational and motivating for us. Institute has been trying to inculcate the most basic and foremost understanding which we lack in ourselves. That understanding “YOURSELF”. That’s what makes the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad is one of the best Management Institute in Delhi/NCR.

This Saturday, we had two ted talks; one was of Gaur Gopal Das, who is a senior monk, a motivational speaker and a life coach at ISKCON (International Society of Krishna Consciousness). In this video he talked about ‘what makes life completes?’ He talked how life is like a puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle in which things can be experienced rightly only when all the pieces are at the right place. Then only one can experience completeness. One should always try to explore every dimensions of it completely so that he can conquer what life is actually about. He also explained that in life there are two type of wealthy person, the one who has lots of money but don’t have enough time to enjoy those luxury, and secondly the one who have satisfying money but have support of his loved ones ,has friends ,time to enjoy his life at peace and also he is saturated within himself. He was actually addressing about the self-actualization in our life one get when he has got enough in his life. The way we lead our lives are totally on us. He mentioned “Life is like a ICE-CEAM, taste it before it MELTS away”. Also it can be, “Like a CANDLE ,you can light up others life as well”. So, there are many ice-creams, what you need to be is a candle.

All we need to be is to have focus on our goals and satisfaction for our needs. We should understand ourselves first and light up others life as well. “Wealthy is the one who has money, but wealthier is the one who has someone to share those wealth with”.

Also we had a session on YOUR BODYLANGUAGE SHAPES WHO YOU ARE by Amy Caddy. She is a socio psychologist who had done researches on postures and body language and how it affects ones personality. Also she detailed about “power posing”, how our posture affects our body language. She mentioned that our body says everything about us. It does affects how others see us but importantly it affects how we see ourselves. In her power posing concept she explained that, standing in posture of confidence, though we don’t feel confident can boost our confidence also it affects our way to success.

She explained how our behaviour, feelings and beliefs all this forms a pattern that affects our behavioural approach and our performances as well. Using right way body language can create a great impact on us and it will definitely have the same for others.

“A person is successful if he has his ways to find his path, when he knows that he has goals rather than dreams to achieve and knows his path to lead. His behaviour and decisions in life creates great impact on him and on others as well.”



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