4th International Day of Yoga

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad celebrated 4th International Day of Yoga on 21st June, 2018 by organizing a special yoga session in which MBA students and faculty members performed various ‘asanas‘ in association with Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Delhi NCR. The main aim was to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and yoga among the students. This idea was proposed by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. He said, “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well-being.

MBA Students and faculty & Staff members were taught various asanas such as Bhujangasana, Ardhachakrasana, Bhadrasana, Vajrasana, Kapal Bhati, Bhramari, Anulom Vilom, Shitali Pranayam, etc.

Prof. (Dr) Daviender Narang, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad said “Yoga is essential for inner and physical growth. It enhances the mental and physical well-being.” He also motivated MBA students to make Yoga an important part of their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

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