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I have spent the most memorable and wonderful years of my life in jaipuria school. Besides first class education, I gained strength and confidence here. Friendly environment, good infrastructure and management, the school tries to provide the best for the students. All the memories, good or bad, will always be cherished lifelong. Will miss those teachers who were always there for me….to guide me n protect me…
The word school at first reminds of friends, tricks, jokes, games, early morning assembly, studies and exams. The next thought is of those teachers who taught us to be what we are today.
SAJS was never a place just to study for me. It was, more than anything, a place to grow as human, make friends, find my true inner talent and have the most wonderful years of my life.
Looking back on my school life, I can say that there is not a single minute of my school life that I would like to change. And now, I am on the brink of a new dawn, a new beginning of sorts, a new life.
The seven years that I have spent in the school were full of joys, excitement, achievements and I had my fair share of disappointments and mistakes. But I cherish each and every moment of it.