Dalai Lama once said, “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”. Our motto `Empower, Enthuse & Excel’ is a resounding echo to this very philosophy and to which every Jaipurian devotes himself to. Excellence is not simply an objective but a fulfilling journey wherein everyone strives to enable students to grow and blossom into responsible, global citizens. The primary focal is on the holistic amplification of the child and is propelled with a visionary zeal to keep the flame of knowledge ablaze whilst keeping the curiosity kindled. This is achieved by developing and understanding of self in addition to the world around. From academics to co-curricular activities, perseverance to a never-say-die spirit is entrenched in the heart of every student not only making them good students but brilliant human beings too.

We believe in the ethos that ‘Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself.’ Therefore, in today’s dynamic world, all-round development and grooming is of supreme importance. An array of more than 60 activities balanced with synergized sports and experiential learning for academic excellence facilitates the growth of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of the students. An apt environment of intra-school, inter-school and inter-house competitions taps into the hidden talents of the students and help build sound and confident personality. Competitions such as Compufest, Mélange, Founders day, Sports day, Grandparents day etc. provide a healthy platform for the holistic augmentation of the students.

Education is not learning by rote and then repeating it in the examination. Our approach is student centered and goes beyond text books, class rooms and boundaries. With the advent of technology we move to boundary-free, inter-disciplinary learning platforms where the phrase, “sky is the limit” seems a bit of a cliché. The curriculum is designed to cater to all kinds of students learning abilities and has integrated programs to inculcate creativity and innovation.

Real life application of knowledge and skills has been the hallmark of the education revolution at Jaipuria. Thus, the establishment of ATAL TINKERING LAB, has had an elevated enthusiasm amongst the stakeholders. It is a center for collaborative learning that will enhance the growth curve for the school and the students as a whole. This will not only kindle scientific curiosity but build scientific temperament amongst the school students and also benefit the students of the surrounding schools and community. Project –based learning, flipped classrooms, experiential learning, smart classes are now a way of life for students here at SAJS. Designing, creating, implementing innovative and fun-filled activities to stimulate the thinking skills are a state of art manifestations at Jaipuria. These provide ample opportunities to students to envisage a problem from various perspectives before arriving at a single solution. It prepares and exposes them to an industry oriented experience as well as stimulates their thinking skills to scrutinize the issue from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

The environment conscious and much aware Jaipurians believe that, “Global sustainability will be the driving force changing the way we work and live in the 21st century”. The students at SAJS are encouraged to embrace sustainable energy and pollution free environment which has developed into a culture that has fetched the school the coveted awards such as ENO, and placed us on the global pedestal of the most environmental friendly and sustainable schools.

It is above all else a true sense of community, where each member makes his or her own unique contribution, and where all experience the joys and struggles of working and growing together, makes Seth Anandram Jaipuria School; a truly special place.

Manju Rana