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The Art of Parenting

Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence

The beautiful smile of an innocent face, the blabbering of a guileless mortal, the capricious world of our children with their hearts brimming with vitality and eyes gleaming with hopes and then watching the creation through the binoculars of our children’s dreams – isn’t this spectacle the one we would like to live for? Blessed is the art of parenting which let us be the part of this miraculous journey and lays opens the peregrination which begins with the infant’s cry in the hospital and then knows no end.

Without doubts, parenting is all about showering love and adoration on our children. Our selfless love always longs to see our children growing in most comforts, receiving the best of the education, making a mark in the world with a bight career. It will be difficult to find a parent who in his consciousness would not like to provide a prosperous life to his child. But if everybody is contributing his bit, why is that, the need of counselors in the schools has suddenly seen a surge, why is that the growing instances of juvenile crime are on a rise? These questions often boggle our minds when surprisingly we, the parents, knowingly or unknowingly are an accomplice in shaping the world of the children, as it is conspicuous to the world today. ‘You should learn to adjust’, ‘You should be polite’, and ‘How can you speak a lie to me?’ ‘Life is not a bed of roses, face it boldly’…We often preach these gallant thoughts to our children but ironically not when their minds are impressionistic enough to accept it, not when the clay of their thoughts can be molded lithely, not when the child exhibits a conduct in contrast to what is desirable for the first time unwittingly, but only when the ignored nave demeanor takes an obstinate form and starts affecting our lives. This is the time we wake up to the fact that we have gone somewhere amiss in our parenting. Our disillusionment with our children is often a manifestation of our misplaced expectations– a clash between the nature of bricks used during construction and the edifice so designed. An infant who opens his eyes for the first time in an air-conditioned infirmary, given education in an ostentatious institution and brought up with a royal grandeur cannot be reproached for his inability to face the harsh realities of life. A child who has always been witness to bickering’s at home cannot be expected to exhibit tranquil deportment . One should not be surprised to see the cynicism of a child grown up in an environment where trust and sincerity never existed. A child who ignores us today might be the one who yearned for our company when we were just too busy with our materialistic pursuits. A child who has got deviated from the righteous path may never have been shown the mirror of right and wrong in life. So to begin with let’s be the ones who our child would like to look up to. Let’s not have a chasm between what we preach and what we practice, let’s be the role models of our children.

These thoughts might flare up the claimants to the belief that they never faltered in their parenting, shifting the entire onus of all the erroneous protuberances in the child’s growth to the social networking sites, increased exposure to media and immense peer pressure. It cannot be denied that all these factors have a huge role in digressing the children towards temptations and allurements. But then if only we could be that the sagacious philosopher ready to guide them with our experiences but disguised as the closest and the best friend of our children, who they could confide in anytime, our children would never falter.

Difficult isn’t it, for a major battle is still left to be combated – ‘generation gap’, an abyss whose maw can be fastened only with communication. Even the brutal wars come to an end with an empathetic and considerate dialogue, so why do we hesitate to take a small step ahead and reach out to our children? Can a bridge be crossed standing at one end and waiting for someone to come to your aid? If no, stride forth, break the barriers of conceit, extend the arms of understanding, let the cocoon break, let the butterfly come out, watch it soar high in the vast expanse of sky but just be there for it still looks up to you!

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