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A Delightful Comeback

Welcome Back Dear Children!

We hope that this break from the routine must have been rejuvenating. Reading your favourite books, playing with friends, travelling to your desireddestination, gossiping, making mischiefs, all must have been at its peak during this interval. So many experiences to be shared, numerous surprises to be unveiled and how can we forget – long awaited informal chats and laughter of our dearies-the school is eagerly waiting to hear the chirruping of yours.
Along with providing a respite from the heat and breaking the monotony oflife, the vacation must have given you ample time to plan your academic year ahead judiciously.

You must have geared yourself up for the upcoming examinations. In fact why just examinations, plethora of activities and cultural events are in the pipeline and looking forward to your enthusiastic participation. This was also the best time to give an insight into all your shortcomings and finding ways to overcome them.

Dear students,life is best lived when there is perfect harmony betweenwork and leisure. We hope that you made best out of your leisure and will now focus on your work as a student with all your concentration, gusto and vitality. Let’s re-begin our academic journey with a bang!

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