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Figuring Out With Mathematics


Math is often studied as a pure science, but it is typically applied to other disciplines. For students to function in a global context, math content needs to help them get to global competence, which is understanding different perspective and world conditions, recognizing that issues are interconnected across the globe, as well as communicating and acting in appropriate ways. It is important to understand how the math helps student make sense of the world, what in a student’s experience enables them to use the math to make contribution to the global community, and what math content students need to solve complex problems in a complex world. Then, the challenge is finding genuine, relevant and significant examples of global or cultural

Festive Fiesta


Celebrating festivals help us foster life long bonds with our near and dear ones. It also helps us to understand cultural diversity around the world in a better way. Celebrating events and festivals in schools are an integral part of learning and helps in building a strong cultural belief in a child. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School has always promoted the global learning and keeping this in mind the project Festive Fiesta: The merriment Begins! was designed. The students are encouraged to embrace different tradition and culture around the word. Children remember an important that only if they are told what the occasion signifies, making them aware of the world in a more fun way. The events and festivals organized in the school are celebrated with

Activity 1: Delectable Delicacies


Food brings us together. Whether your tastes trend towards traditional or experimental, there is universal comfort in going around a table for a meal. You may not speak the language or know your way around town, but there is always someone ready to share a bowl of their favourite treat. Exotic food is fun to try and an exciting way to experience another culture. At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School we always give exposure to global learning and through the project titled “Delectable Delicacies” we let our pupils explore the sumptuous food consumed in various parts of the world, staple diets of the people belonging to various countries and their nutritional values. The students of grade III to XII were involved in various activities under this project.

“Dress Me Up”


Great personalities have brought differences to the world! with simple inventions and discoveries, by creating minor changes, by introduction of unusual but yet, the common people have become the famous personalities. Great personalities have brought impeccable transformation and amazing changes in the usual routine. Whether it is politics or arts or science, whether it is religious or philosophical, whether it is big or small, the impact made by people made them famous personalities for instance Mother Teresa the most lovable women with kindest heart in the world, who knows nothing but love and care! The father of Nation India, Mahatma Gandhi who fought for justice through non violence, the man of simplicity! Similarly we at our school also organized such

ISA activity held during April and May


Classes I to XII participated in the ISA Activity titled- Rendezvous with our glorious past: Let’s peep into our history. The teachers from Primary to Senior level enthusiastically organized Rendezvous With Our Glorious Past: An enactment competition wherein the students of senior classes enacted great rulers of all times, as per the country assigned to them. Heritage Quiz for the students of class VI to VIII and Article Writing on various topics like Incredible India, Monuments: Our Architectural Masterpieces, Cultural Diversity etc. for the students of class IX to XII. These activities are a part of value addition in the knowledge of the students regarding the lives of people around the world who created their mark on the sand of

British Council International School Award (ISA) For The Year 2016-2019


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara has become a proud recipient of the very prestigious BRITISH COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (ISA) for the year 2016-2019.

MATH MELODY: Currencies of the Commonwealth Countries


  Students of Class VI-X got actively involved in this activity titled ‘Math Melody’. They became part of numerous activity under this activity such as measuring various courts and areas in the school for example, basket ball court, football court, table tennis board, school atrium etc. They also made beautiful scrapfiles in which they recorded their observations. Students of Class V got involved in finding out various currencies used in all Commonwealth countries. They prepared charts and scrapfiles to compliment this activity.



Planet Earth is a beautiful place to live in. Plants and animals are two very important aspects of any eco-system of all the living organisms. On the planet the most commonly seen are plant and animal life and therefore flora and fauna are fascinating to observe and study. In order to save this fascinating world of flora and fauna and to show how important they are the children of pre-primary did some beautiful worksheets and also showed their concern and feelings by dressing up as different animals and flowers and did a fancy dress on the same. The teachers also explained to them the importance of animals and plants. The competition was judged well by two judges and a beautiful

Fascinating World of Flora and Flora: Herbal Garden


“A world without flora and fauna is a world without us.” Keeping this vision in mind, the punctiliously designed ISA activity titled ‘Fascinating World of Flora and Fauna’ was conducted wherein a large number of students participated from Class IX and maintained a herbal garden and prepared descriptive tags elaborating the scientific name and benefits of the herbs they grew.

Poetic Bells: Diary Entry


The activity titled “Poetic Bells” was successfully conducted in the month of September 2015 in Class VII . The students wrote about the meeting they once experienced with their favourite poet in the form of a Diary Entry. The activity provided them with an exposure to express their feelings freely which they had after meeting their favourite personality. They even gained insight into the life and works of the poet, their enriched lifestyle and even got an opportunity to learn the art of appreciation. They used an exhaustive list of adjectives to enhance their beautiful language.

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