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British Council International School Award (ISA) For The Year 2016-2019


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara has become a proud recipient of the very prestigious BRITISH COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (ISA) for the year 2016-2019.

MATH MELODY: Currencies of the Commonwealth Countries


  Students of Class VI-X got actively involved in this activity titled ‘Math Melody’. They became part of numerous activity under this activity such as measuring various courts and areas in the school for example, basket ball court, football court, table tennis board, school atrium etc. They also made beautiful scrapfiles in which they recorded



Planet Earth is a beautiful place to live in. Plants and animals are two very important aspects of any eco-system of all the living organisms. On the planet the most commonly seen are plant and animal life and therefore flora and fauna are fascinating to observe and study. In order to save this fascinating world

Fascinating World of Flora and Flora: Herbal Garden


“A world without flora and fauna is a world without us.” Keeping this vision in mind, the punctiliously designed ISA activity titled ‘Fascinating World of Flora and Fauna’ was conducted wherein a large number of students participated from Class IX and maintained a herbal garden and prepared descriptive tags elaborating the scientific name and benefits

Poetic Bells: Diary Entry


The activity titled “Poetic Bells” was successfully conducted in the month of September 2015 in Class VII . The students wrote about the meeting they once experienced with their favourite poet in the form of a Diary Entry. The activity provided them with an exposure to express their feelings freely which they had after meeting

Aesthetic Artistry: Mask Making Activity


Students of Class IV and V had an incredible, fun filled activity on Mask Making. They designed stunning masks with the help of various stuff like mirrors, cloth pieces, straws, paper mache, cream sticks, cut outs, beads, feathers, pencil shavings etc. Apart from learning how to make a mask, they also learned a lot of

Our Immortal Heroes


It is our first ISA activity which took place in the month of July and continued till August. Students worked meticulously and researched on various topics assigned to them.

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