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Writing is Thinking Through My Fingers!

Writing is Thinking Through My Fingers!

I strongly feel that a student’s life is incomplete without writing, be it writing tests or classroom essays. Writing is something that can’t be and shouldn’t be avoided regardless of which standard the student studies in.

More often than not, we as teachers have a concern over improving English language skills in our learners. It becomes quite a task for us since English is not the first language in India.

Written expression requires many skills. Writing skills operate at three levels: word, sentence, and paragraph/whole text. By pinpointing the trouble spots, we, at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School try to give our students the right help to improve writing.


Here are 7 basic points needed to help our young writers:


1. Read something everyday


Reading is as important as writing in itself, rather we believe it is the prime factor that helps to improve writing. So, we start our day with reading one piece from newspaper everyday depending on the student’s interest to improve their vocabulary.


2. Practice your writing abilities

Writing is an art of its kind and no art comes without practice. To master the art of writing and to improve on what and how to write, our students write small pieces once a week to evaluate what they have learnt.


3. Master your spellings

Wrong spellings make for bad writing no matter how strong the context or understanding is. Young Jaipurians are encouraged to use a dictionary and learn how to spell each and every word that they feel comes difficult to them. It not only rectifies their spelling but also enhances their vocabulary.


4. Work on your weak points

Many a times, our students encounter certain topics for writing that are not necessarily what they are best at or comfortable with. To avoid such encounters, they make note of their weak points and focus on working out of it. They are encouraged to read more if they feel domain knowledge is the issue, practice more writing if they feel translating a set of their thoughts on paper is the issue.


5. Read what you write

Checking back on what you write is a must. Once they’ve done with their writing, they are instructed to take some time out for revisiting. It gives them a fair idea of how their piece of writing sounds and if it needs nourishing along with any spelling errors to be rectified.

Secondly, it helps them understand the key areas where they need to put in extra effort and how best to enhance their write up.


6. Highlight the important points

Teachers persuade students to underline or highlight the main points of what they write. This habit not only benefits to showcase what’s important, it also interests the reader better. Highlighting makes it easier for the reader to have a quick glance for the understanding of the context, giving their write-up great brownie points.


7. Be concise and crisp with your writing

Lengthy scheme of writing with repetitive thoughts has gone past ages and this new age needs concise information. We don’t deny the existence and importance of articles that require more words than usual to put out what’s needed but what we must keep in mind not to tweak or repeat similar points over and over again. Be as concise as possible to find yourself on the correct path of excellent writing.


Now that we’ve got the basics clear, let’s practice our way into better writing abilities. Happy writing!




Get Set Goooo……. to the new session!!!!!


Though a Teacher since long, I still feel butterflies in my stomach at the very thought of a new academic session. As a student, it was a mixed feeling of nervousness, anxiety and excitement. A higher class meant a difficult syllabi. All new faces and new teachers. Would they be patient and understanding? Thankfully, my teachers were loving and caring. They made us feel relaxed and comfortable. The teachers worked hard before the school started to get their classrooms ready with their warmth .Now being on the other side of the table, I want to make my workplace a home for my students. A place where they would love to come each day.

We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School welcome our students with a big smile and warmth; uplifting their hopes, expectations and enthusiasm, keeping their anxiety at bay. We let our students know and realise that the year will be full of fun, knowledge, activities and learning.

Parents too are very apprehensive about their wards. We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School assure our parents too by briefing them about the school, the curriculum and the co-curricular activities they are going to have in the session. We also introduce them with their ward’s respective subject teachers  who would be there with them all the time. This makes their anxiety at rest.

As our classroom is our workplace, we at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School put in all our efforts in preparing, organising them in such a manner that when the students enter, their eyes sparkle with wonder. Well-aligned furniture, print- friendly instructions help the students feel comfortable. We painstakingly decorate them according to their syllabi, making them attractive and appealing. Being a tech-savvy institution, we have Smart boards in the classrooms, which not only make learning interesting but also simplify the concepts taught. We

impart them with an insight of how much enhancement they are going to have in their knowledge.

Every child in the school is preciously valuable for us. We ensure that they are addressed by their names, making them feel important.

Morning surprises are also an important feature of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. Each day is a new beginning. Students look forward to come to school with curiosity and excitement. The mornings are motivational, electrifying and inspirational. We develop their personalities into responsible citizens. We make the children think ‘School is doing me some good’.

The atmosphere, the ambience and the surroundings, the love and care, makes Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, a special place for the students where they love to come every day with a desire for more. It is a happy journey for both  students and the teachers. It is a privilege and pride to be a part of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. So who would not love to be here. Long live Seth Anandram Jaipuria School!!!!!

Meena Mathur

Achievements At a Glance 2018-2019

Achievements At a Glance 2018-2019

Every achievement of the school is a combined effort of parents, teachers & Management & we feel it extremely important to celebrate it together with all the stakeholders. We take pride in sharing some of the exemplary achievements of the school in the last three months under various heads:



  • School ranked Ist at Ghaziabad City level for Top School of India – Ranking 2018 by Digital Learning .
  • Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad, has made it to the list of Top 50 Schools that will be recognized as ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’, under the National Curriculum 2018-19
  • School participated in School Enterprise Challenge 2018 – A global venture by Teach a man to Fish, our endeavour Katran – The Handicraft Hub is recipient of Silver Level
  • Mihika Yadav & Shubhi Mahershwari of class XI were felicitated by Madhuban Publication for scoring 100 marks in Hindi in Class X Boards Examination Results 2018. Ms. Archana Mishra TGT Hindi was also awarded for being their
  • Rajeev Kumar HOD Sports has been awarded as the Best Teacher for his exemplary performance in CBSE cluster.
  • Two teams participated in CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition held in Jan.2019. 96 schools showcased a total of 192 exhibits on six different sub themes and one open theme based on “Innovations for Sustainable Development”.Only 18 projects were shortlisted for the national level. Our both the projects were highly appreciated by the judges, however the ‘The smart cart ‘has been selected for the National level competition.




  • 5 students received Gold Medal & Pratibha Samman by Hindi Vikas Sansthan for National Hindi Olympiad. 2018
  • Mahi Mathur achieved Certificate of Merit & Bronze Medal for Classical Dance organized by Ghaziabad District Dance Championship 2018
  • Pal Aggarwal of class X was felicitated as the Top Steller Student & achieved All India Rank -6 in Edu Japan Quiz 2018
  • Malay Kedia of class VIII secured National Rank 23 & Pal Agarwal of class X secured National Rank 25 in NSTSE-2018
  • Pal Aggarwal & Swastik Pandita of class X have cleared prestigious NTSE Stage 1 exam for the session 2018-19



  • School Secured Ist position in 2nd District level Gymnastics Competition 2018-19. Hardik Singhal won Gold Medal, Shreya of class IV & Aditya of class VI won Silver Medal while Sonish Rastogi won Bronze Medal.
  • Boys team & Girls team secured Ist position in District Volleyball Championship 2018-19 . 26 teams from various schools of NCR participated in the Championship.
  • Samaksh Mehra ,Yahash Pandey , Rishabh ,Dhruv Kapoor , Utkarsh Tyagi ,Chaitali Singh won the free- style football championship & were invited for felicitation along with their coach at National Active Championship Ambassador Meet 2018 .
  • Shreya Tripathi student of class III has been selected as Guest player for Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy Banglore for a two week


Extra Curricular Activities

Shelly Dwivedi , Agya Rai & Akshat Ayush of class XI won the World Scholar’s Cup Challenge held at Indirapuram Public School & qualified for the Global Rounds to be held at Hague & Sydney

Beat the Examination Blues


The journey of life is replete with various milestones, each one moulding our life in its unique way with a sudden discovery of a potential, promising facet of our persona, hitherto unknown to us. Such decisive moments do not fail to surprise us with the realization of how much we are capable of and how we never make the most of it. Board Examination is one such milestone, which according to many will steer your life in a desired direction of your ambitions but according to me ,Dear children,is a testimony to your grit, perseverance, discipline, single-mindedness of purpose, the values that in true sense will shape your life ahead.

Not losing the practical aspect of the things, we understand the anxiety that you grapple with at this time of the year. The expectations of your parents, teachers and yours too,lead you to set high benchmark for yourself, thus aggravating your stress level. And fair enough-in today’s era of cut-throat competition where a child may fail to get subject of his choice in class XI or is unable to get admission in an institute he has always longed for or not able to tread the path of his dream career just because he lagged behind by an iota, one cannot deny the importance of  scores one achieves in the examinations.However, if only stress could magically help us in accomplishing our goals, one would advise us to take a maximum dose of it. The truth is that rather than doing any good, it only adds to our miseries. It is not a mere myth but proved scientifically that stress has a deleterious effect on physical and mental health of an individual. Starting from disrupting our immune system,causing negative impact on heart,to an imbalance of our hormones,stress works miraculously fast in oozing out the nectar of life from an individual’s life.

However much we may preach not to take stress, what if it still creeps in and makes its abode in our mind and body.Of course, we cannot yield to it. We have to fight it because if we don’t overpower it, it will overpower us. I am sure no one likes to be dictated by anyone be it a person, thing or a habit. Let’s follow a few simple steps to avoid being ensnared in the web of stress and to pacify the butterflies fluttering in our stomach:


  • Practice breathing exercises. Meditation or sports activities are also of great help. Research has shown that apart from bequeathing a good health, meditation raises the IQ level, concentration, alertness and resistance to the physical effects of stress during exams.Not only does meditating make the brain sharper, it also helps to make it a more harmonious unit leading to better cognitive and intellectual performance.So children if you want to score high on affectivity, self-esteem, and emotional competence practice meditation.
  • Manage your time effectively- Time management is a key to academic success. Although time management can seem like a pain but once you have mastered this skill, it will enable you to get the most out of life. It can free you to live more effectively, calmly and enjoyably. It can help you get more work done with less stress, disorganization and frustration. It can also give you higher marks throughout the school year, as well as on your quizzes, tests, and exams.The eight strategies below could make a huge impact on your academic career:
  • Organize your time
  • Assess your time
  • Set your priorities
  • The objective of time management is to allocate time wisely, so that you can achieve your goals. Even though each subject places different demands on you, by prioritizing, you will increase your chances of success. For each subject, decide how to complete all required tasks, over a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This advance planning will increase your awareness, making it less likely for you to squander time away meaninglessly.
  • Make a schedule
  • After establishing your priorities, set up a schedule which respects your priorities. A wide variety of student organizers, diaries, planners, electronic tools and time management systems are available on the market. Choose or create whatever seems best for you.
  • Use a calendar
  • In addition to your weekly planner, invest in a large monthly wall calendar. Jot down all the important due dates, deadlines, exams, etc so they are in front of you as a visual reminder.
  • Use review cards
  • Plan activities logically
  • Get to know your bodily cycle; then, schedule activities around it as much as possible. If you always feel sleepy after lunch, for example, use the time to get in your daily walk, instead of fighting to keep your eyes open over a history book.
  • Plan some down time
  • Schedule some time to relax so you can rest and refresh your mind and body.

Time Management during exams

Successful test taking is a skill that usually requires a bit of practice. Earning a high score on a test isn’t just about the ability to recall everything you’ve learned throughout the course. Equally important is learning to pace yourself adequately so that you leave ample time to work on each part of the examination. Effective time management can help ensure that you do well in the test. Here are a few tips:

  • Answer the easy questions first.
  • A sound time-management strategy during tests is to answer the easy questions first. The idea is that you will quickly work through these questions, probably quicker than you had budgeted for, allowing you extra time to work on the more difficult sections.
  • Focus on a question’s worth.
  • After you’ve answered the easy questions, focus your time on the questions that are worth the most points. It makes more sense to spend 10 minutes on 1 question worth 20 points than to spend 10 minutes on 10 questions worth only 1 point each. In other words, 20 points for one question is worth more time than 10 points for 10 questions.
  • Keep an eye on the clock.
  • Make sure that you wear a watch so that you can stick to your time budget.
  • Don’t rush yourself.
  • You’ve studied, you’ve practiced, you’ve read through the test, you’ve budgeted your time, and there is no reason to rush yourself. You might be feeling a little anxious or want to hurry up and get the test over with, but time management is about pacing yourself.
  • Take a breath or two.
  • After you complete a section, give yourself a few seconds to pause and breathe before you move on. This helps you pace yourself, allows you to make sure that you’re managing your time effectively, and helps you mentally move from one task to another.
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • No matter how prepared you are for this test and how well you’ve planned to manage your time, something can go wrong. This isn’t the end of the world, though, and shouldn’t derail your schedule at all. Plan for some problems, and be ready for any issues.


Regularity with revision of lessons and concept is essential.

A few effective revision techniques can be used to improve Learning:


  • If Time is King, an effective Timetable is Key to Kingly success

At times, students starts revising without making any timetable of what to revise and when to revise. A lot of times, it is last few days’ revision before the exams, which puts more pressure on the students. Always make a timetable for revision well before the exams. A Timetable can include the topics to be revisedand on which dates so that you can thoroughly focus on them. Hence, work towards the exams dates with the timetable and then divide time accordingly for all the subjects one by one. Take Mock Tests or Use Previous Years’ Papers as part of the Timetable revision so that you get familiar with type of questions which can possibly come.

  • Summary Cards for Your Notes

A Lot of Students take notes and then again make more notes in different notebooks. Eventually Students tend to have 4-5 notebooks of notes on different topics on same subject. Scattered Notes are usually not that helpful. Make Summary Notes for each of the important topics as brain tends to remember from key portions and tend to focus more on the larger picture.

  • Visual Maps for the Mind (Mind Maps)

This  visual thinking tool gives a structure to the information. It helps a student to better recall, analyze, comprehend and generate new ideas

  • Group Revision

Group Revision has some really good pros which include a joint discussion to understand crucial bits in a subject. In a group while revising you can understand the subject in an easier way than taught at school. At times, the subject gets covered much quicker in a group as division of work can happen to explain and revise the subjects in a group.



  • Have plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables. The pistachio and Walnuts are excellent for the retina and brain.
  • Avoid having heavy meals as it may slow you down both mentally and physically. Go for small meals at regular intervals
  • Get at least 6 – 7 hours of sound sleep.Staying up late nights will make you feel uneasy and stressful throughout the day.
  • A mix of a bit of exercise, fresh air and good food is enough to beat the exam blues.
  • Avoid television, films, chatting, long phone calls and online messaging unless necessary. These will tire your brain. Speak less, allow your brain to spend time with yourself and absorb what you learn.



  • Do not keep the revision till the last minute.
  • Avoid having junk food and caffeine and always keep yourself away from fizzy drinks.
  • Never take parental pressure and stay focused on your own goal.


Last but not the least, though marks are important, they do not make or break your world. Give your best to the task in hand and be happy. In the words of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi My view is that examination is a celebration. Take it as if it is a festival, and when there is a festival or celebration, then the best comes out of us. We feel the society’s strength during celebrations. Whatever is the best comes out… Smile more to score more.”

Annual Sports Meet – Day 1


‘Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life’- Billie Jean King

To imbue our students with the spirit of this thought in its true sense, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad celebrated Annual Sports Meet on two consecutive days- for classes III, IV, V on 23rd February 2019 and classes Nursery, KG, I and II on 24th February 2019 on its premises. On the first day Ms. Anju Bobby George, a renowned Indian Athlete and a Padma Shree awardee graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and on the second day Dr.Ajay Kumar Bansal, a renowned Hockey Player and a Dronacharya awardee did the honours for the same. Also present at the event were Shri Shishir Jaipuria, Chairman Seth Anandram Jaipuria Education Society, Ms. Sunita Jaipuria, Vice Chairperson Seth Anandram Jaipuria Education Society, Ms. Manju Rana – Principal cum Director, SAJS, Ms. Sarojini Sinha –Vice Principal

,Ms. Indu Kohli- Headmistress, Ms. Kabila Rawat – Pre Primary coordinator and Mr. Rajeev Kumar-Event coordinator. The Chief Guests were given a cordial welcome by the Chairman and the Principal cum Director ma’am. The Chairperson in his address to the gathering underscored the pivotal role sports play in the development of the students and the nation at large and Annual Sports Meet is an endeavor in this direction. The event witnessed its advent with the ceremonial lighting of the torch and ‘Oath Taking ceremony’ wherein the students pledged to uphold the true spirit of sportsmanship and glory of sports. It was followed by a rendition of ‘Welcome song’ by the students.

The grand event with the participation of around 1800 students and an audience of 4500 parents replete with various cultural and sporting events was a feast for the eyes. If on one hand, the cultural displays left the audience in awe of the talents of the students, the athletic events made the school ground come alive with the cheers of the parents seated there. Races like Dragon Ball, Dribble and Run, Stumbling Blocks, Bouncy Birdies, Pick and Run, Bazooka, Just in Time, My House, My Pride; Stepping over Obstacles, Wobble Dobble, Get Ready to Play, garnered a huge applause from the gathering . The dance performance by the students of class III ‘United We Stand’ moved the parents with the message that togetherness like mountains can withstand and combat all the adversities. While class IV Dance display ‘Nirvan Se Nirman Tak’ stole the show as it brought to fore the oneness, resilience, power to regenerate and rejuvenate even after heart-rending natural calamities like Kerala floods, class V display ‘The Global Troopers’ mesmerized the audience with varied exhilarating dance forms. The dance performance’Dreams’ by the students of class I was a beautiful portrayal of the dreams floating in the eyes of our little children waiting to turn into reality one day. Class II students also, through their dance performance ‘Fitness Freak’ exhibited their readiness to spread the message of importance of good health and healthy life styles among the audiences, thus boosting the idea of ‘Swastha Bharat Abhiyaan’. Dexterity showcased by the students at Yoga, Karate, Aerobics and Taekwondo, Gymnastic, impressed the parents who were in high praises for their stupendous feats.

The much awaited moment finally arrived when the winners of the races were awarded trophies and medals by the Chief Guest. The Sports Trophy was bagged by Godavari House and Krishna House was the proud recipient of overall Cultural Trophy. The Chief Guests in their address applauded the efforts of the students, expounded the importance of sports in life and motivated them to keep treading the path of diligence as there is no short cut to success. They also appreciated the school’s endeavor in providing the best sports’ facilities and integrating sports with the school curriculum for the holistic development of the students. .At the end of the event the vote of thanks was proposed by the Principal cum Director ma’am. The event came to an end but its grandeur, fervor and exuberance was conspicuous through the zealous faces of the audience.



Citation Ceremony 2018-19


With the year nearing its end, the school observed yet again, the same annual spectacle where joy and grief are at their unique confluence- the crossroad from where the children can see a vast world beckoning to them to explore it and the in effaceable years of comradeship gone by. Seth Anandram Jaipuria school commemorated the Citation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of class XII, 2018-19 with great fervour on February 9, 2019.

The day began on a pious note with chanting of holy mantras in the ‘Hawan’. Blessings of Goddess Saraswati were invoked for the success of the students of class XII, appearing for Board examination this year. The ringing of the holy bells, blowing of the conch shell, sacred incantations, eyes closed in meditation to seek the power of this cosmic universe, all added to the auspiciousness of the occasion.

‘Hawan’ was followed by the ‘The Citation ceremony’ in the auditorium. The kindling of ceremonial lamp and the recital of ‘Vandana’ along with it marked the propitious advent of the event. There after the Principal cum Director, Ms. Manju Rana delivered a speech which was an amalgamation of grief for the impending parting from the students, delight at their promising future and powerful words of inspiration which instilled a new zeal and vigour among them to face the challenges of the life.

The speech by The Head Boy Mithil Aggarwal and The Deputy Head Girl Saniya Asthana outpoured their gamut of sentiments felt during the journey of school life from nursery class to class XII. Along with nostalgic reminiscence of the past, they enlightened class 11 students with words of wisdom to combat the imminent challenges the students would face the next year. More ripples of stirring emotions were sent across the students of class 12 with a display of video which was a trip down the memory lane- brought smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. The students of class 11 also gave their best to make the day of their seniors a grand one with songs and classical dance performances.

Next in the sequence of events was the much waited reading of the citations of the students by their respective class teachers. Pride was clearly visible in the aura of the students as they stepped on the dais to collect their citation from the Principal cum Director Ms. Manju Rana. The encapsulation of academic accomplishments, achievements in co-curricular activities and strength of their character, in their citations was a treasure bestowed upon the students to be cherished forever.

A few parents also took this opportunity to thank the organization and the teaching fraternity of Seth Anandram Jaipuria school for shaping the life of the students in a way one would be proud of.

A farewell song ended the heart-warming event though it was conspicuous that the end was only on a physical level as their hearts shall stay connected.

The school wishes the students a blissful and a successful journey ahead.




Paint and Celebrate Patriotism


Love for our motherland is not just a feeling, it is an inseparable part of our glorious culture and since a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people, there can be no better manifestation than laying bare the adoration, reverence we all feel for our nation, through creative expressions.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara , Ghaziabad is one of the acclaimed institutes working relentlessly for more than a decade now towards imparting education to the students in its true essence and is known for giving immense opportunities to them to unleash their talents. With an aim to give a platform to the children to pour their imagination and thoughts on canvas, to let loose their ingenuity and to imbue their hearts with patriotic fervor on this auspicious occasion of 70th Republic Day of our nation, the school organized “Paint and Celebrate Patriotism”- An Inter-School Drawing Competition for kids on 27th January 2019 on the premises of the school. The creditable initiative taken by the school under the dynamic leadership of Principal Cum Director, Ms. Manju Rana and the Head Mistress Ms. Indu Kohli , witnessed the participation of over 5000 students from the schools in Delhi-NCR.

Especially designed for our little kids, the competition was divided into three categories- Category 1- Nursery and Prep (3 years to 5 years), Category II- Class I and II (6 years to 8 years), Category III-Class III
,IV and V (9 years to 11 years) with topics ‘I Love India’, Indian Heritage / Be the solution to Air Pollution, My Green Ghaziabad / Today’s Kids are tomorrow’s citizens, respectively. It was a spectacle to watch the multitude of children embellish the canvas with the patriotic hues. The campus came alive with a colorful ambience and mellifluous music befitting the grandeur of the Republic Day. With each passing hour, the ingenious artistic strokes of the students had started taking a conspicuous form and the ultimate piece of art was nothing short of a marvel.

Distinguished guests from the field of education graced the occasion with their presence and praised the initiative taken by the school. A panel of eminent artists was invited as adjudicators and judged the creative work of the students on the basis of their creativity, neatness, relevance to the topic, overall presentation and catchy slogans. This team of judges included Mr. Dinesh Kumar Dubey, Ms. Nidhi Bakshi, Mr. Razi Khan, Ms. Shabnam Nadeem and Ms. Swati- renowned artists with unparalleled artistic acumen and years of experience in the field of arts.
Debapratap Panda from Vishwa Bharti Public school bagged the ‘Top prize’ worth Rs. 51000. The proud achievers of the second position- Aditya Sharma, Assisi Kids World St. Francis School, (category I), Shambhawi Vermaa, Lotus Valley International school, (category II) Nandini Agarwal ,Father Agnel school, (category III) , were awarded an attractive cash prize worth Rs. 21000. The winners of the third position- Ahmed Sidique, Chhabil Das school and Saurish Chandravanshi , Khaitan Public school, (category I) , Arnavi Biswal, Ralli International school and Chaitanya , DPS Indirapuram school, (category II), Merwyn Vaz, Somerville School Noida and Deepshikha De , BAFA school, (category III) were given a cash prize of Rs. 5000. Consolation prize of Rs. 2100 was conferred upon 10 students in each category.

The gala event proved to be a huge success as it efficaciously accomplished its purpose of fostering the patriotic spirit and the essence of oneness among the students and was unprecedented in its extent of zealous impact left on their hearts and souls.











A Headstart to Communication Skill

A Headstart to Communication Skill

With the accelerating pace of digital media, dynamic career options, and increasing competition in universities and workplaces, communication is an important skill for all students of this day and age to master.

As modern teachers, we at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School follow these eight strategies to enhance students’ speaking and writing abilities, irrespective of their age.


1. Watching movies that shape conversation skills

Students can watch movies and videos to observe the interactions between characters and imbibe their communication styles to be more effective speakers, writers and listeners. This intrigues them to ask questions such as, “What message is the listener conveying by adopting a certain body language – say, crossing arms?”

We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School organize ‘Lessons in the Dark’ for students, which is basically cinema in education, as a means to reflect on the body postures shown. This enables them to understand the importance of these elements in making effective conversations.


2. Using technology

Listening and reading along with smart board modules to understand the speaker’s diction and articulation of different words and phrases is a practice that the school highly propagates for our students. Their voice is recorded and is played to them over and over again until they are satisfactorily close to the conversational style of the module in question. We understand that at times culture has a bearing on the diction and intonation and some of this could be attributed to the student’s mother tongue. However, practicing this at an early age makes it possible for them to conform to more accurate forms of modulation.


3. Stressing on active listening

Just like a coin, communication too has two sides. It isn’t just about speaking, it’s also about listening. At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School we help students develop this skill by reading a section of a text aloud, and then having the class discuss and ponder on the content.

Active listening implies listening to understand instead of listening to reply. We reinforce good listening skills by motivating students to practice asking specific questions to completely comprehend the speaker’s intended message. Having said this, we lay stress on critical thinking that helps the students to decipher “what” to ask and not just “how” to ask.



4. Engaging in group presentations and assignments

Team-building exercises like Project Based Learning on interdisciplinary topics also helps students strengthen both, oral and written communication. Not only does it offer students the opportunity to work in small groups to maximize the overall group performance by utilizing individual strengths, but also gives them the opportunity to debate their opinions, take turns, and work together towards a common goal. All their work presentations are displayed in the classroom for further references and learnings. The print rich classroom thus creates a deeper impact.


5. Asking open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are pivotal in starting discussions and help in establishing that there are multiple ways to perceive and answer a question. At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School we encourage students to ask anything they are curious about, and one such question becomes the question of the day at ‘The Question Corner’ which is open to all. Children come up with various responses. A lot of constructive debate is done on these responses and the teachers help the students to amalgamate the most appropriate ones so as to address the query.

For example, a question was asked by a student, “Why do we need to care about animals when they bite us?” This was a moment to teach the concept of ‘Empathy’, and to our surprise the variety of responses received were unbelievable.

Circle time activities go a long way in getting different responses by the students for open ended questions. What we observed was how much more information students can obtain by asking questions like “what did you like best about the picnic?” instead of simply asking “Did you like the picnic?”


6. Using tasks and activities that promote critical thinking

Another task-based method for improving student communication skills is through critical thinking exercises. These can be done verbally or through written assignments that give students the chance to answer questions creatively using their own words and expressions. Children are also expected to write about the dispositions and the things they have learnt while doing a task or once a topic is completed.


7. Offering reflective learning environment

Students are promoted to reflect on their oral performance in small groups. Each of them is asked to critique his teammates so that they become receptive to constructive feedback. This is an excellent method for assessing their communication strengths and development areas.


8. Finding teachable moments

Leveraging day to day interactions in the classroom environment is the best method to create an everlasting impression on the minds of the students. For example, if a student answers a question in a rather complicated fashion, teachers could encourage him to rephrase and make it simpler and more specific. If the students encounter an unfamiliar word in a text or in a film, we must pause in order to let the class search for the meaning of the word in a dictionary. For us these strategies are giving effective results, however there are many more which are yet to be explored. We are always on the road towards greater learning and welcome any suggestions that could contribute to our endeavor.


Parul Mittal

I Am What My Culture Makes Me

I Am What My Culture Makes Me

The first glance at the topic ‘Culture Building in schools’ might boggle the minds of the readers into considering it as a subject of Ph.D. needing an extensive research work, going through award winning books on ‘Ideal education system’ , brain-storming sessions with experts and  listening to their interviews and what not. It does require reflection but I wonder if only we could answer the question as to what kind of environment we would like to give to our children at home, will it not simplify the issue in hand? As parents, we all want to provide a physically, emotionally and socially safe and secure environment to our children- the one holding on to the values of our society and constantly kindling the passion of learning in them. The school being the second home of the children should just be the macrocosm of the world at home and develop the similar culture.

A smile on the face and a twinkle in the eye of a child speak volumes about the surges of feelings in his heart and leaving aside a few cases where appearances might deceive us, a smile is synonymous with happiness and contentment. So if on entering the portals of a school you are greeted by the children with smiles, you maybe rest assured that the culture prevalent in the school has tenderly nurtured the heart, mind and soul of the child.

 Gone are the times when the culture of a school would take pride merely in the academic excellence of its students and by being in headlines for high scores achieved by them. Thanks to the study of Child and Educational Psychology, perfect score is no more equivalent to perfect culture. If the persona of a child has many sides to it, how can the culture of a school glorify itself without being multifaceted?Academically if the culture of the school is such that a child is able to think critically, analyse a problem and forage different ways to find a solution to it by thinking out of the box, is provided with opportunities to apply his knowledge to real-life situations rather than filling the pitcher of his mind with hoard of information, then we can raise our heads and say that the culture of a school is all set to prepare students for life than just exams.

So simplified the whole process would have been if man had to live his life only with his brain but the fact is, he has a heart that beats to the tunes of emotions and at times so loudly that it overpowers the brain. Critical thinking and analytical skills acquired vanish in a second at such junctures of life. But if the culture developed in a school has taught the children to be stable in the face of turmoil,to battle his own inner strife and come out victorious, no adversity can look into their eyes. With the ever increasing exposure to internet, technology, media, the concerns of our children are no more restricted to academics alone. They live an altogether different life when they are away from schools and are a part of chat rooms amassing an altogether different set of problems like cyber abuse, cyber crimes etc. Therefore the bubble of the culture has to be flexible enough to integrate this second life of the children into its conventional form and act as a guiding light for them.

A person living his life without noble values is like a ship without a rudder, vulnerable to the storms of vices in the society. The culture of a school should fortify the character of the children with the values of honesty, discipline, patriotism, sincerity, perseverance, kindness, compassion and integrity. A physically , mentally , socially, emotionally strong individual with a robust character, brimming with a desire to be committed towards his nation as a loyal national citizen and towards the world as a global citizen is what the culture of a school should aim at. All that the custodians of the culture in schools need to do is to look at our children with an eye of kindness, empathy, compassion and have an earnest insight into their needs and world. Once this is accomplished,the culture will not stand and preach children standing at the doors of their hearts, it will plunge into the recesses of their souls, redefine itself, and be an integral part of their life. Believe me, no experts’ comments would be required then and we at Seth Anandram Jaipuria school take pride in building this kind of culture which not just strengthens the mind of our students but also edifies them spiritually. For only a spiritually awakened person can be true to his own self, his society, nation and the world at large.

Can Multiple Intelligence Create Magic in Childhood learning ?

Can Multiple Intelligence Create Magic in Childhood learning ?

Tell me and I’ll forget,

Show me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn.


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

In “The Festival of Multiple Intelligence” at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, the children were fortunate enough to catch hold of an opportunity to LOVE, LAUGH and LEARN a lot through the activities which helped them in understanding their abilities in different fields. These activities go a long way in boosting their confidence as they help them in identifying their strengths.



Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

It was spectacular to see how children were geared up for the day with some dance, aerobics and exercises.

One can’t love someone to love books, but he can tempt them to become a dedicated devourer of stories.

Children were remarkably engaged as the session by the story teller was phenomenal and they could even remember the story in sequence. Being good imitators, the children imitated her very well and were in their own imaginary world.

“OSMO – a world of I-pads for little Jaipurians.”

Our children covet our phones and tablets. But as they move towards an increasingly high-tech future, they need to learn how things work. They need to be creators, not consumers.

Smart devices and software these days help explore a child’s creativity in a host of ways. As technology offers a glorious union of learning and games, with I-pads, it just took a tap to pop bubbles. Once they advanced dragging their fingers over the screen, it was quite an electrifying experience to see how children could solve shape puzzles, number games or even practice simple drawing exercises.

Nobody would deny that coding can be used to solve problems.

The best way to solve a big problem is to reduce it down into smaller problems, and then solve them one at a time. Children enthusiastically learnt coding through programming and logical thinking. We do ensured that the little Jaipurians are ready for the challenges lying ahead. They didn’t even know that they were learning a lesson for life.

Children carry their own experiences and transform them through art, music and science which help them in becoming confident.

As you all know, we learn through our experiences. It was great fun for the children knowing facts about gravity and launching their own rockets. They comprehended this experiential learning very well.

Children express themselves well through art and craft.

With the essence of Christmas all around, our budding artists made their own Santas and carried them home.

Play gives children a chance to practice what they’ve learnt.

Children were given exposure through flash cards and a few wooden blocks. With just one instruction, the smart learners mastered the arrangement of those 3D doodles.

Many a times, we learn things by doing them.

Each child witnessed how pots were being made with the help of clay. A bit messy but this first- hand experience of playing with mud and making their own pots under the supervision of two potters was beyond words and could be seen on their faces.

Hence, this proves –

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

In the great outdoors there are no boundaries to creativity.

Last but not the least, their excitement for gifts and burgers was at the top. Receiving of gifts at the end made their smiles brighter.

With such wonderful experiences, who would not love to be an active participant of this Multiple Intelligence Festival ????
























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