House System

Education, if not incorporated with co-curricular activities cannot be considered workable and complete. The school is divided into four houses based on the names of the rivers – Ganga, Godawari, Krishna & Narmada. The prime objective of these houses is to inculcate among the pupils a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity, a sense of team spirit and to encourage healthy competition. Each House is under the charge of a House Mistress along with House Captains and Prefects who shoulder the responsibility through monitorial system and endure a smooth and efficient functioning of the House.

Competitions / Activities for the session 2018-19 : Class Pre-Nursery
Term-1 Term-II
Month Activities Month Activities
April/May I am Special October Mask Making/Feel the texture
July Block by Block November Reach the Destination/Diya Craft
August Fancy Dress / My First Rakhi at School December Santa in School / Walk in the Woods
January Tricolour Fun
September I love my Krishna / Create a Card February
Competitions / Activities for the session 2018-19 : Class Nursery & Prep
Term-1 Term-II
Month Activities Month Activities
April Keep me Green / Different strokes October Festive Gala/Baby’s Day Out
November Veggie Parade / Create a puppet / Grandparents Day
May Anmol Kavi
July Impressions December Christmas Bells / Know your Neighbourhood
August Atulaya Bharat / Bond of Joy January Tell a Tale / Rhyme Time
September My Creation February My Magical Pencil / Graduation Day
March Holi Hungama
Competitions / Activities for the session 2018-19 : Class Pre-Nursery to Prep
Term-1 Term-II
Month Activities Month Activities
April Melon Bite / Browny Brown October Candy Time
November Snacky Bites
May Tangy Lemonade December Fruit Delight
July Ice cream Treat January Health Week
August Mummy Yummy February Banana Treat
September Sandwich Party
Inter House Activities for the session 2018-19 : Class I to V
11th April Wednesday Introduction of Houses House Meet
18th April Wednesday Newspaper Craft Design a Coaster
25th April Wednesday Fun with Origami Spell Bee
2nd May Wednesday Poem Recitation Paper Quilling
11th July Wednesday Practice Know more about Monuments
25th July Wednesday Dress Me Practice
1st August Wednesday Desert Canvas Science Symphony
8th August Wednesday Practice Desert Biomes
29th August Wednesday Nukkad Natak Practice
12th September Wednesday My Dream Bag Story-e-Muhavra
17th October Wednesday Festive Fiesta- Create a card Festive Decors
31st October Wednesday Practice Delectable Delicacies
14th November Wednesday Creative Canvas Ad Mad
28th November Wednesday Badge Making Practice
12th December Wednesday Peppy Puppets Ad mad
19th December Wednesday Comp Tech Comp Tech
26th December Wednesday Fun with Shapes Maths Mart

Inter House Activities for the session 2018-19 : Class VI to XII
12th April Thursday House Meet House Meet
19th April Thursday Paper Bag Making Geotalk
26th April Thursday Poster Designing Rendevous with our Glorious past
3rd May Thursday Heritage Quiz Graffiti
10th May Thursday Calligraphy Article Writing
5th July Thursday Practice Practice
12th July Thursday Board Decoration/ Pebble Art Board Decoration/PebbleArt
19th July Thursday Practice Deserts Around the World
26th July Thursday Mind Map Installation Art
2nd Aug Thursday Practice Practice
9th Aug Thursday Sudoku Crispy Saalad
Term II
11th Oct Thursday Adzap Know the Economy
25th Oct Thursday Practice for Interschool Fest Practice for Interschool Fest
1st Nov Thursday Diwali Decors Rangoli /Pattern Art
15th Nov Thursday Practice Practice
22nd Nov Thursday Artistic Magazine Artistic Magazine

Inter House Activity (III-V)

The Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist.

An inter house activity-“Stepping into the Universe” was held as a part of the ongoing Science week on 23 August 2017. This activity took us to see some interesting and creative imagination by the students of Class 3 to 5.

All the four houses were given a challenging task to let their imagination run wild and present a model about what kind of houses will we have future, what will be the means of transport like, how will people look like, and what new will there be in our already smart computers.

The students confidently displayed their presentations and creativity was at its best.

The Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes called tangram, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.

Tangram was interhouse activity for classes III-V , where Class III was given to make anyTangram figure related to what they observe around them like cat , boat , hut etc. Class IV was given any Tangram animal figure like cat , fish , horse , bird , lion etc . Class V was given anyTangram human figure .

Children enthusiastically participated in the activity and made nice and interesting Tangram figures using all seven different shapes and placed them correctly . The activity enhanced children’s mathematical puzzle solving and arranging skills .