Q.1. Are the teachers prepared to take on the new challenge.

Ans. Teacher will undergo intensive training to equip them to deliver their lessons as per the IB program. While appointing new staff, preference would be given to those who have worked with IB school.

Q.2. Do we need existing books?

Ans. We will cut down on books and study material will be provided.

Q.3. What will be the size of the class? Will you reduce the no. of children in each class to make it more effective .

Ans. A moderate batch size will be maintained.

Q.4. Will there be any fee hike?

Ans. No extra fee will be charged for implementation of the PYP.

Q.5. What will the procedure for assessment .

Ans. There will be knowledge based evaluation test after the completion of each enquiry .There will be six enquiry of six week each.

Q.6. If some parents agree and some of them do not give their consent, will you take the IB programme forward?

Ans. If the majority of parents agree to this proposal, we will go ahead with the programme.

Q.7. Will you change the timing of the school.

Ans. The timing of the school will remain the same .

Welcomes you to an orientation
International Baccalaureate (IB)
By- Principal cum Director – Ms. Manju Rana
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