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Science is fun. Science is curiosity. It is a process of investigating and posing questions.

Class I to V celebrated Science Week from 21.8.17 to 25.8.17. The main objective of celebrating the week was to develop scientific spirit among the students and to encourage them to adopt scientific methods as a way of life. The school campus buzzed with the message that science is a way of discovering what’s in the universe and how those things work today.

The week long celebration saw the enthusiastic participation of students in a wide range of activities such as Model making, Poster making, Energy survey, School plants survey and Magnetic equipment survey, experiments, Special Assembly and Eco school programme activities. As part of the Science Week, an Inter house activity- “Stepping into the Universe” was also conducted wherein the theme ‘Universe in the year 3000’ was beautifully depicted.

To sum up the science week celebration, an exhibition was held on 25.8.17 which was inaugurated by the Principal cum Director of the school Ms.Manju Rana. The main attractions of the exhibition were the working models designed by the students such as the Rain alarm and Fire alarm, activities to show properties of magnets, models of circuits to differentiate between Conductors and Insulators, Robotic display, models depicting interdependence between plants and animals, models to show properties of light and circuits of electricity. Principal cum Director Ms.Manju Rana appreciated the students and teachers for their efforts. The exhibition was also witnessed by Vice Principal, Ms Sarojini Sinha and Headmistress, Ms Indu Kohli.

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