FDP 2017 on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

Business research has become a systematic enquiry with relevant data and information to solve managerial and organizational problems. Hence the need for research methodology training for students, faculty, and managers has become a necessity in business and organization research that requires scientific approach to decision making. For undergoing high quality research one requires to collect, interpret and logically document the information. Selection of an appropriate statistical tool ,as a decision making tool ,is often a difficult task without proper understanding of the theoretical concept and meaningful interpretation .Thus the decision makers should be made versed with research methodology and the core philosophy of statistics.

Session Overview (Day Wise 2017)

Day 1: FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

JIM has started a seven day faculty development program on ADVANCE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND DATA ANALYTICAL TOOLS from 17th July 2017 to 23rd July 2017. Keeping in view the dynamic environment these days, JIM has initiated to bring various academicians on a common platform to cater the diverse research needs of the present era. The event started with an inaugural session marked with the visionary thoughts of our worthy director Professor Daviender Narang and motivating views of our Chairman Shri. Shishir Jaipuria. PROFESSOR JAMAL. A. FAROOQI was the facilitator for the first day. Prof Farooqi brilliantly covered the basics of research with a detailed discussion on Sampling Design, Framing Research Questionnaire and Objectives, Types of Data, Variables, Constructs, Coding, Tabulating Data and Data Entry. It was a very insightful day for faculty coming from various institutes from all over the country.

Day 2: FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

The second day of Faculty Development Program – 18th July 2017 was marked by the dignified presence of Prof. V. Shekhar, who is an engineer from BITS Pilani and a Post Graduate from IIM Calcutta. He holds a dynamic Corporate and Academic Experience for more than 40 years. He is a full time faculty with BIMTECH and ICFAI and Visiting Faculty with IP University, IIM Indore. He discussed the topics like Univariate data analysis- Central tendency, dispersion and distribution, Hypothesis testing and p value, point and interval estimation, Hypothesis testing – Assumptions of Normality, Data Cleaning and Imputation. The presentation covered all the topics intricately with examples for each topic. It was a very insightful day for all the faculties from all over the country.

Day 3 : FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

The third day of FDP (19th July 2017) at Jaipuria Institute of Management was marked with the presence of Professor Saurabh Agarwal from HBTI, Kanpur. Holding a thorough view that ‘A Man without Statistics is Merely Expressing an Opinion’, he is an expert in Research Methodology and Data Analytics using IBM SPSS, Watson Analytics, Financial Modelling and Optimization Techniques using Advanced Excel. He undertook a complete in-depth discussion on One Sample T test, independent sample T test, paired sample T test, One way ANOVA and the corresponding Non Parametric Tests. It was a very fruitful session for all the participants from all over the country.

Day 4 : FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

The fourth day of the FDP (20th July 2017) was marked by the presence of Professor Saurabh Agarwal. Under his able guidance the faculty continued to learn Parametric and Non Parametric tests. The day focused on Multiple Regression Models, R Square, Adjusted R Square, Explained Variance and Unexplained Variance, F Ratio, Unstandardized and Standardized Beta. He also undertook an exercise based discussion on Assumptions of Multiple Regression Model, Heteroscedasticity, Autocorrelation and Multicollinearity. Dummy Regression Models, ANOVA, ANCOVA and Logistic Regression was also discussed intricately.

Day 5 : FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

The fifth day of the faculty development program (21 July 2017) was marked with the dignified aura of Professor Neena Sondhi. She is a Professor at the International Management Institute,Delhi . A doctorate from University of Delhi, she has over twenty years of experience in teaching, research and consulting. She undertook an in depth session on Qualitative Research: Statement Generation, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Hierarchical and Non Hierarchical, Validation and Profiling Cluster using Chi Square. It was a very effective lecture which solved all the major doubts of the faculty in the same fields.

Day 6 : FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

A deep discussion has been made on common bias error, meditation and moderation effects, group analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, structured equation modelling and path analysis on the sixth day (22nd July 2017) of faculty development program held at JIM. Faculty attending the FDP learnt a lot from the session indeed making it a very insightful experience for them.

Day 7 : FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

The concluding session of the Faculty Development Program (23rd July 2017) was marked by the presence of Prof.A.Ramesh. The session gave a conclusion to the seven day workshop conducted at JIM by covering the most substantial topics of research like Plagiarism, Ethical Consideration in Research and Intellectual Property. The session also enlightened the faculty from all over the country about Research Journals SCOPUS/SCI Index, Impact factor, indexing and Citation of Journals Referencing and referencing styles, Rights and licensing. The FDP was a very enriching experience for the academicians from all over the country.

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