FDP on Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools

In the last two decades, emerging theories in qualitative and quantitative research have drawn attention to the complexities inherent in research. In light of these theories, research can no longer be regarded unproblematic, objective, or value free, where data is neutrally and naturally collected, interpreted and textualized by disinterested researchers. Rather, research methodology has become a problematized and contested terrain depicting a double crisis of representation and legitimation. What is (and why) this double crisis? And what implications might it have for the field of qualitative research and for the researcher working (in) that field? Attempting to answer those questions and the various issues underlying them is the primary objective of this course. We will do this by combining a theoretical and practical approach to the study of qualitative methodology in order to “learn to attend to the politics of what we do and do not do (as researchers)” and “to ‘read out’ the epistemologies in our various practices”. The second objective of the course is to explore both the “hows” or research (providing ample opportunities for you to “practice” them) and, at the same time, examine the underlying assumptions and values of qualitative research practices —your own as well as a variety of other strategies and orientations.

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  • To provide a hands-on experience of the models and tools used for conducting research in the different subject domains.
  • To provide exposure to the participants to various multi-variate methods in research and understand advanced issues of research like structural equation modeling.
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For Whom

  • Academicians and Faculty in the area of Management/Art/Humanities.
  • Research scholars from different areas of social science.
  • Research Scholars who need statistical and analytical assistance in their Ph. D. course work.
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Why to attend

  • To have Conceptual clarity of the research process and methodology.
  • To get an Insight into different research designs.
  • To get familiarity with tools and techniques of management decision making approach.
  • Opportunity to be taught by Experts ….
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Event Highlights

Jaipuria Institute of Management undertook a faculty development program organized from 23rd – 25th July 2016. A meritorious response was reciprocated by all the participants who were from various institutes of repute. The three day session took a complete care of research methodology and data analytical tools. It started with an insightful view on Research Problem Identification, Scale Development and Sampling by Prof. A. Ramesh. Further a meritorious session took place on Questionnaire Development and Descriptive analysis by Prof. Anita Goyal.

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