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Dr. Sarvesh Swarup, Ex-Dy.Director General of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, had an interaction with our students in the matter of how to prepare presentation on Project. Dr. Sarvewsh Swarup, explained to the students the American Hoovar Dam Project and our Farrakha Barrage Project in the State of West Bengal which was constructed by his team. The difference were in the case of Farrakha , time, money everything was escalated. In case of Hoovar Dam, United States, the money and the period were reduced in keeping with the management principles and practice. His deliberations were excellent and very much eagerly noted by our students. Dr. Sarvesh Swarup is a Mechanical Engg. PhD in Project Management from California, USA. Presently residing in Gurgaon. He is a well known eminent person and held prestigious positions in Govt. of India and represented Government of India in many countries of the world.